ZEE5 India flags off SVOD push with new campaign; 80 originals to power it this fiscal

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ZEE5 India has laid out its growth roadmap for this fiscal, and it seems set  to be driven by SVOD which will put to good use as many as 80 new Originals its prolific content team has promised to deliver – of which a few have already been produced and are streaming on the platform. In fact, the manner in which ZEE5 has grown over the past three months in particular and the past year in general, should provide its new SVOD head Rahul Maroli enough and more growth momentum.

Consider: More than half of ZEE5 Premium users consume Movies and Originals on the platform. There has been an 80% watch-time growth on Connected devices in April 2020 over what it was in Feb 2020.  OTT Streamers and Bollywood Buffs are the top two clusters followed by New-Age Women stories on the platform. And, what is most significant and also explains Tarun Katial and team’s unwavering  focus on and belief in top quality original content,  is the 3X and 2.3X growth in Originals consumption among females and males respectively on ZEE5, when compared to last year. Which, incidentally, is testimony to the quality of ZEE5 Originals.

(Scroll down for ZEE5’s new SVOD campaign video)

And the platform that’s launched more than 100 Originals since inception to become India’s largest original content producer, and today has more than 140K hours of rich parent-library content, has already  set its sights on rolling out another 80 Originals this fiscal to power its growth through what is set to be a vigorous and sustained SVOD front.

The SVOD push, announced with a new DVC, has come at the right time –  obviously per a strategic plan.

Here’s why we think so.

All the ZEE5 bases are well and truly covered and on auto-pilot. Let’s see – a great UI-UX-delivering app and progressive web app (giving users 2X quicker app launches, 3X  faster video starts with its new player, and 2X data saving with video compression); an embedded OEM presence in all the major Smart TV brands that cover more than 90% of smart-tv market share and equally well entrenched in the smartphone space and other connected devices; multiple navigational languages, content download, voice search, regional packs  with content across 12 languages (English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Gujarati & Punjabi).

It’s also launched the Progressive Web App, Introduced ZEE5 Super Family (ZSF) with India’s first ever fiction gaming, launched PLAYS – the tool that lets brands engage with consumers – launched a full-fledged Kids section and the educational content offering with Eduara, and already has kids of more than 4000 schools across India connected with its knowledge-enhancing Mindwars sub-app on the ZEE5 home page.

Then there’s the monster tech.  Which, along with big data, powers the ZEE5 offerings for users and advertisers.

For users, ZEE5 has shifted its app framework to the cloud-based Applicaster  content distribution and app development platform which provides insights and tools needed to engage and own audiences across all devices and platforms.  ZEE5 has been building a personalization layer for the user, which is a key differentiator for the platform.

That, and the AI/ML ZEE5 employs for its platform interactions with users helps in better discovery of content thanks to a very sharp recommendation engine that identifies and services cohorts and consumer taste clusters, down to enabling a segmentation of one, helping the serving of ZEE5 content in their preferred language across a seamless viewing experience.

The platform has also collaborated with international tech companies that use machine learning to send personalised notifications and recommendations to each user based on their device, internet bandwidth, and content preferences.

Let’s look at ZEE5’s ad tech. In 2019, it launched tools like Infonomix, Ampli5, Ad-Valut, WishBox and Play5 under its Ad-suite which clearly indicated its aggressive intent to increase ad-revenue.

Almost all advertisers today — right from Unilever to Procter and Gamble, Colgate to all the large FMCGs, including Dabur, Pepsi, Coke and many others — advertise with the platform, which is now betting big on Ad:tech 2.0 to help deliver KPI’s for brands in the most efficient way and brand-safe environment.

So, for a platform that has a powerful premium content catalogue for audiences across the country and which has the AI-ML-driven tech to target every individual user with a segmentation-of-one content suggestion-sampling-delivery,  a stronger strategic focus on and drive with the SVOD offering empowered by tens of more Original series, is the obvious and logical next step.

After all, the opportunity for ZEE5 — which is really all dressed up to target that total estimated user base of 550 million consumers likely to take to online video viewing by FY23 — is huge. It is able, and should be looking, to entertain each and every one of them, 24×7 –  on any device, and at any time, through persistent, prolific and effective content choices for every single user.

Clearly, ZEE5 SVOD head Maroli has walked on to a dream batting wicket.

To roll out its SVOD plan for the diverse audience choices and the warchest of Original content, movies and much more to serve each audience member, ZEE5 has announced a new campaign.

New campaign for the ZEE5 Premium offering

ZEE5 has rolled out the SVOD plan with a special DVC – Atrangi Dekho. Atrangi Raho.

Recognizing its very diverse, new-age audience’s choices and expressive attitude, ZEE5 has launched this  new campaign for its ZEE5 Premium offering.

Atrangi’ celebrates eccentricity of audience choices pertaining to their life decisions and content that they consume, and as part of the campaign, ZEE5 acknowledges the persona and content choices that are unique to this new-age audience. ZEE5, through its wide-ranging, premium subscription-based content, encourages the viewers to become Atrangi.

Today, content consumption is a driving factor in shaping up one’s identity and ability to connect to each other, either personally or professionally. The choices an aspiring youth makes to entertain themselves in the current digital era is also driven by the circle of influence, acceptance in peers, friends.

The campaign attempts to narrate the reality that, in an increasingly connected environment, where great ideas flow each minute, today all of us have access to a creatively charged world. A world where individuality and quirks are celebrated. And this change in mindset is a result of the vast spectrum of content we have. Gone are the days of the saying ‘you are what you eat’. Today, ‘you are what you watch’.

Rahul Maroli, Senior Vice President and Head SVOD, ZEE5 India, said, “India lives in their languages and ZEE5, through its bespoke and premium content offering in 12 Indian languages want to cater to all such audiences. Our new SVOD campaign ‘Atrangi Dekho. Atrangi Raho’, celebrates the very eccentric identity that an individual parades by challenging the status quo… We want to reimagine content by our unique storytelling approach which reflects the intrinsic fabric of our culture. We… aim to enhance (our audiences’) content viewing experience as we move ahead in our journey to entertain India 24×7.”

Amit Akali, Managing Partner and CCO, What’s Your Problem, said, “When it comes to content, there’s a certain consumer who’s the pioneer and influencer, the one who always looks for different, cooler,  Atrangi content, finds it and then is followed by the others.

“He/she is Atrangi and one of the ways this Atranginess is expressed is through Atrangi content. Which they find in abundance on ZEE5, be it original shows like Rangbaaz, or cutting-edge movies, Hindi or the best of original regional content. They are the one who others admire and wonder how they are always ahead of the curve. That’s the consumer we wanted to celebrate by saying, “Atrangi dekho, Atrangi raho.”

“While executing the film it was important that we captured this inherent coolness or Atranginess in every possible way; the cast, the music, the writing, the attitude. That’s where Arun Gopalan and Storytellers did their magic, making every frame look beautiful and celebrating the Atranginess in it. Like every WYP campaign, there’s a full-fledged digital burst planned across platforms. The idea is also to tie up with people connected to the large Zee family, innovatively as influencers, to reach out to the Atrangi in all of us,” Akali said.

The content we watch, the characters we identify with, the stories we live through, are a great factor in shaping up our identities. And the campaign encourages one to connect with these Atrangi stories on ZEE5 and encourage to be an Atrangi yourself.

ZEE5 has something to offer to everyone, right from original content, digital movies, shows, news and so on. As a new age platform, ZEE5 understands changing mindsets and trends of the changing landscape of India and the digital transformation. This campaign is a step in further in strengthening the ZEE5’s connects with their audience and giving them a space to happily be as Atrangi as they can.

TVC details:

  • Client: ZEE5 India
  • Creative Agency: What’s Your Problem Brand Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Production House: Storytellers.in
  • Director: Arun Gopalan
  • Music: Subhajit Mukherjee

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