World music album #DiscoverYourLove by Khimji Jewels

image-world-music-album-from-khimji-jewels-mediabrief.comKhimji Jewels, an 80-year-old  jewellery and lifestyle brand,  has launched a global musical retreat titled ‘Discover Your Love’ during the ongoing pandemic. Khimji Jewels and Digital Dogs collaborated with musicians from the UK to Kazakhstan to spread a global message of hope and love.

World music album DiscoverYourLove by Khimji Jewels

The music  was released a few days back with two videos. People took notice and responded with their own stories of discovering love during dark times. People from Brazil, Philippines, the US, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and of course India sent in their self-shot videos of how they are keeping their spirits up and refusing to feel defeat even when the world is locked up.

Sameer Nanda, Executive Director, Khimji Jewels, says, “For more than  80 years, we have been with our customer. Even before CRM and CX became buzzwords, we have been swearing by them. It is only obvious that we create a message of hope and love for all our customers and brand lovers across the world. The global endorsement of our content-led strategy where people from all across the world have participated in our programme is a reassuring thumbs up from the market.

Khimji Jewels has worked with Digital Dogs Content and Media and Chennai and Los Angeles based PressPlay Collective to create this project. Digital Dogs, a venture set up by Ambarish Ray and Anjali Rawat, swears by the power of authentic storytelling.

Anjali Rawat, Co-Founder and Director of Design Thinking, Digital Dogs, “We knew we had to come up with an idea that was not just big but big on heart. What we didn’t expect was the sheer momentum. This is a hummable, huggable global festival and we are so humbled by the response from all over the world. Our third music video features the people who sent in their moments of love and faith.

“The latest video has artist Nazzarbeck from Kazakhstan telling us to never lose faith. In his unmatched style and superlative composition and voice,” she says, adding, “You can lock up people, but you can’t lock up love.”

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