WolfzHowl, Mavcomm Group say #ThankYouIndianRailways

WolfzHowl Strategic Instigations thanks Indian Railways with #ThankYouIndianRailways initiative in association with Mavcomm Group

The #ThankYouIndianRailways initiative was created by WolfzHowl in association with Mavcomm to highlight all the tireless work Indian Railways has been doing during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This 167yr old institution has been the cornerstone of India’s growth story and whenever Indians have faced adversity, Indian Railways has unflinchingly stood by them.

As a Strategic consultancy that lives and breathes Consumer and Culture, it is also our responsibility to find the white space of hope, optimism and opportunity no one else is able to see. Our aim from this initiative is just to contribute in spreading that light of positivity in these rather bleak times of darkness.

Kalyan Ram Challapalli, Chief Strategist and Founder, WolfzHowl Strategic Instigations, said, “As a culture and consumer strategy firm we see negative news day in and day out and we believe that people need something positive to celebrate. This “ACT” on Indian railways is exactly that.

“Celebrating the achievements of our Indian railways in the fight against Covid is a celebration of our own ingenuity as a nation. This campaign is conceived entirely in-house by the wolves and ex-wolves. Songs written, campaign planning and all the execution stimulus done in house is our personal moment of celebration too,” Challapalli said.

Commenting on the initiative, Anand Mahesh Talari, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Mavcomm Group, said, “We strongly believe in the maxim of ‘Gratitude is the only Attitude’. Indian Railways has been an integrated part of our growing up years and when WolfzHowl told us their concept we were quite simply blown away.

“It’s an honor to be associated as PR partners with this campaign which expresses our appreciation for the stellar role played by Indian Railways in serving the people and nation amongst not only the Covid-19 situation but at all times. Our gratitude also goes out to WolfzHowl for allowing us to partner them for this wonderful initiative,” Talari said.

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