When Asian Paints made Diwali the new Holi

image-When Asian Paints made Diwali the new Holi MediabriefDiwali seems to be a time when everything else stands still, and spending time with your loved ones shines into focus. Asian Paints is a brand that is all about home and heart, and the perfect brand to represent family and togetherness during the festive season.

Kinnect decided to leverage this very sentiment when the country was celebrating one of its most colourful festivals ever. As a brand that lives and breathes colour, Kinnect helped Asian Paints launch the second leg of one of its most successful campaigns – ‘People Add Colour’

A house is four walls, but its people are what make it a home. Last year, Asain Paints released TVCs to highlight this, but this year, the brand wanted to tell real stories of real people that make everything during Diwali better, brighter and happier.

The campaign didn’t just stop there. Celebrities and icons from different walks of life (including Rannvijay Singha, Aashna Shroff, and Kritika Khurana) added their own colour and stories to the campaign by sharing nuances of their family lives and their unique festive tales.

When Asian Paints made Diwali the new Holi

What a multiplier effect this campaign had! Instagram icons asked their fans to share their own stories of family and Diwali, and how their favourite person had added colour to their lives this festive season. The contest that resulted in received thousands of positive and uplifting entries, truly spreading happiness and festive cheer.

image-Chandni Shah COO Social Kinnect - fbbtv-new-digital-fashion-channel-launches-friday-7-june-mediabrief-1Speaking about this campaign, Chandni Shah, COO at Kinnect said, “#PeopleAddColour was the first time people responded to a campaign with countless personal stories that had special meaning to them, without the incentive of a reward. We helped the brand create a family on social media, and customer engagement was unprecedented and even better – unprompted!”

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