Three more good days of Virtual Health & Wellness with WeWork

image-wework-seminars virtual health-seven great days-mediabriefThis lockdown, don’t let your health take a backseat! With COVID-19,  everyone is required to stay inside their homes and have limited interaction with the outside world. More than ever, it’s now become imperative to pay attention to mental and physical health while staying indoors.

Keeping this in mind, WeWork has taken a step in helping prioritize  fitness by hosting the ‘WeWork Wellness Week’, an initiative to help design an extensive fitness routine for all. A virtual Health & Wellness IP LIVE hosted on their Facebook page and Zoom, the multiple sessions and activities led by health and wellness influencers and practitioners will help you refine your lifestyle while you are locked in.

You can learn to grow your own greens at home and prep meal kits to ensure a healthy diet. Or get started on your fitness journey with Pilates and Yoga workouts. Boost your skincare routine by understanding the basics, and manage your stress and anxiety with meditation, all while sitting in the comfort, and safety, of your home.

Available at a click of a button, and at no cost, these sessions will be held by some of the best wellness experts in the industry. So tune in to learn some effective ways to stay fit and make sure you drag your spouse, sibling or roommate in as well.

OK, these sessions started some time back, on the 31st of May, but there are three more good days of good stuff you can do, really, virtually – hmmm… that came out a little mixed up.   But forget it, these sessions are pretty interesting.

Here’s the list of the remaining sessions, that you can check more details on, and register for, here:

We’ve listed what you’d’ve missed too (sorry, that’s on us for having missed this interesting note earlier), but do scroll down to June 3 onwards, and see what you can join.

Session details below

Day 1 – 31st May, 2020 – Sunday 
  • Session 1: Grow Your Own Greens At Home with  Lazy Gardener – Time: 6PM -7PM
  • Session 2: Fountain of Youth Yoga with Sarvesh from  Diva Yoga – Time: 7PM -8PM

Day 2: 1st June, 2020 – Monday

  • Session 1: DIY Meal Kits with CAARA – Time: 6PM -7PM
  • Session 2: HIIT with Saurabh -SohFit – Time: 7PM -8PM
Day 3: 2nd June 2020 – Tuesday
  • Session 1: Managing stress & Anxiety with Luke Coutinho – Time: 5PM -5:45PM
  • Session 2: Transformational Meditation with Shayoon & Alexander – Time: 6PM-7PM
Day 4: 3rd June 2020 – Wednesday
  • Session 1: Superfoods 101 with Carol & Nadia Singh – Antidote – Time: 6PM -7PM
  • Session 2: Mat Pilates with Radhika Karle – Time: 7PM -8PM
Day 5: 4th June 2020 – Thursday
  • Session 1: Nourish with Pooja Makhija – Time: 6PM -7PM
  • Session 2: Ergonomics with Manish Pole – Time: 7PM -8PM
Day 6: 5th June, 2020 – Friday
  • Session 1: Skincare 101 with Dr Kiran Sethi – Isyaderm – Time: 6PM-7PM
  • Session 2: Breathwork with Michael O Maera – Time: 7PM -8PM
Day 7: 6th June, 2020 – Saturday
  • Session 1: Zero Waste & sustainability living with Bare Necessities – Time: 6PM -7PM
  • Session 2: Dance, Dance, Dance with Chitwan Garg & Siddharth Negi – Crush Fitness – Time: 7PM -8PM

Your thoughts, please