VMate app helps users fight COVID through videos by doctors, reporters

VMate app helps users fight COVID through videos by doctors, reporters

With the current situation prevailing in the country, VMate a short video making platform, has upped its responsibility to unfold initiatives to raise more awareness about Covid-19 among its users. The platform has always perceived immense participation from people with different professions wo have never failed to entertain us with their funny and quirky content. Few of them being doctors, medical professionals and journalists have taken the charge to provide authentic news and bust myths around Covid-19 to the users to help them contest against this pandemic. These doctors and reporters are providing relevant information to the users to become more aware and showcase the struggle behind all those fighters who are still on the roads helping the country battle against Covid-19.

With the extension of the lockdown announced by PM Narendra Modi till May 3, it has become really important to educate the masses and give them valuable authentic news and at the same time show them real scenarios and stories of people during this period of lockdown.

Dr. AK Singh, who was often seen posting videos before the pandemic has come forward to part his knowledge and expertise on the VMate app. He started posting videos about coronavirus 3-4 weeks ago and has touched upon all the necessary safety measures that need to be taken during this time and is seen imparting knowledge around the virus in the simplest way possible to the viewers. He is a general physician who runs a private clinic and has been serving as medical officer in a government hospital since 2010. According to him, “Serving the humanity is the best way out to help people come out of this pandemic. Seeing the current situation medical professionals should provide door to door services in rural areas tracking people individually with the active virus.”

Another aspiring doctor who has created more than a dozen videos on VMate, related to Coronavirus is Khushboo Tanwar from Faridabad, Haryana. She has advised people ways to protect themselves and combat the virus in her videos. She is a final year MBBS student and is seen advocating the practice of social distancing during this time and creating awareness around the symptoms. Khushboo said that “VMate is the right platform for her to be able to serve the community by providing information and educating users about the precautionary measures to be taken.” She also urges other medical professionals to also reach out to the rural people by either conducting free health camps or providing health line numbers in case of emergencies.

Two reporters are also seen posting videos taking interviews of people who are still fulfilling their duties. Arvind Pareek, a reporter from the Rajasthani News and also a creator on the VMate app said that,” My sole purpose of making these videos is to reach out to as many people possible to show them the current situation. Through these videos I want to showcase the faces and voices of all those people who are still on the roads, fulfilling their duty.” Arvind is a journalist since the past fifteen years and thinks it’s his duty as a citizen of the country to service his community.

Sunny Sharma, a Hindi reporter from Rohtak, Haryana also said, ‘As a journalist, I feel that VMate is the right platform for me to able to share authentic news to the users at this point of time when they are easily getting duped with fake news.’ Through the videos and interviews posted on the VMate app, he wants to request the public to adhere to all the guidelines provided by the Government and co-operate with them. He also wants to convey that we shouldn’t do anything that could create a problem for the Government as they are doing their best to help the country fight against the pandemic.

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