Vimal Agro Products launches first-ever TVC for flagship brand ‘SWAD’


Vimal Agro Products, ‘Make in India’ manufacturers and exporters of fine food and beverage products for global markets, unveiled their first-ever TVC campaign for flagship brand SWAD. Unveiled on the eve of the Company’s anniversary (14 October) and festival season, the emotion-stirring film highlights SWAD’s core message of family love and warmth wrapped in food packs with authentic Indian flavours and values.

Vimal Agro Products, which has developed 150+ different products for 45+ countries, has been sharing its love for Indian food with global customers for over three decades.

SWAD, a 30-year old continually evolving brand, is now targeting the domestic markets aggressively and expanding its retail-distribution presence. SWAD offers a wide range of products ranging from Mango Pulp and Slice, Mango Chutney, Exotic Chutneys, Papad, Pickles, Sweet Pickles, Ready to Eat Foods, Sauces, Cooking Pastes, Curry Pastes, Fruit Juices and many more. Vimal Agro is one of the biggest manufacturers of Mango Pulp in consumer packs.

Vimal Agro recently launched a set of Indo-Chinese range to satisfy Indian taste buds along with exotic Chinese flavours. The range comprises of Red Chilli, Green Chilli, Dark Soya, Chilli Vinegar and along with this they have recently introduced Manchurian Pan Fry and Schezwan Pan Fry. Vimal Agro is also planning to launch some of the traditional Indian chutneys to the market such as a – Garlic Chutney, Date & Tamarind Chutney and Green chilli Thecha.

Subhashchandra-Nemani-scaled.jpgSubhashchandra Nemani, Chairman, Vimal Agro Products, said, “At Vimal, our aim has been to give SWAD – a Taste of India – to those who have left our shores and yearn for the good things of our beloved land.

“Indian food is also getting popular amongst foreigners. We shall continue to augment our range and enhance products to satisfy an ever-increasing and discerning demand, making ‘SWAD’ synonymous with taste and quality.

“Our vision is to become a market leader in processed food; to understand/fulfil the tastes of our customers by providing world-class hygienic food products and excellence in customer service,” Nemani added.

Chirag-Nemani-4-scaled.jpgChirag Nemani, Director, Vimal Agro Products, said, “We wanted to showcase the idea of how being away from home/family/ friends can be made a slightly more pleasant experience with SWAD’s ready-to-eat Indian delicacies. This particular creative showcases the beautiful packaging, distinctly different flavour and ease of usage wherein any youngster can easily access home-like food and taste.

“The key message in the TVC is very close to our heart because we firmly believe that expressing love, gratitude and showing true emotions through ‘home-like’ food strengthens relations like no other gift does!

“Also, with the pandemic going on in the world, 2020 is a fair realisation of how and why we must appreciate friends and family while they are still around. We feel blessed when customers associate SWAD with the precious emotions of love, happiness and bliss,” Nemani said.

Under the mentorship of its Founder-Directors – Mr. Subhashchandra Nemani, Mr. Piyush Nemani, Mr. Sandeep Nemani – Gen-Next Mr. Chirag Nemani, along with a professional team, has grown brand SWAD immensely over the years. They have been constantly working hard to maintain authentic taste, introduce new flavours as per changing tastes and demands while procuring genuine raw ingredients and most importantly treating every recipe like a new one!

The SWAD TVC featuring actress Onima Kashyap has been filmed by ace creative director Roop Naik. It subtly depicts how the lead youngster is away from home; missing her parents and sibling; but is still content with how quickly she was able to prepare mango lassi on her own and as good as what her mother would probably make at home!

With its authentic Indian taste, quality, hygiene standards and long shelf life, SWAD has captured the international market very well. Its target customer includes everyone who enjoys Indian food, loves packing tiffins to work and those who eat at home after work. It is for those who enjoy hosting parties during Indian festivals but look for a quick fix with no compromises on authentic Indian taste.

It is ideal for people who love warm home-cooked meals but are away from home for work or school/college. It is apt for households where both the spouses have busy work schedules and have no time to prepare an elaborate spread from scratch.

It works efficiently for mommies who want to give something as close and genuine as a delicious home-cooked meal to their family but with lesser hassles. More than the ingredients, these recipes are filled with love, experience and guidance of expert chefs and that’s what makes it so unique and delectable.

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