Don’t miss: Uday Shankar on Opportunities Amidst Adversity, in upGrad webinar

image-Uday-Shankar-Upgrad-Webinar-mediabriefThe lockdown has snuffed out revenues, crippled or even closed businesses, hurt industry and enterprise, livelihoods and jobs. How you react and respond in the current times, and how you plan and prepare yourself for the post-lockdown world is what will define your trajectory for tomorrow?
Online learning platform Upgrad has organized a very special webinar with Industry titan Uday Shankar – Chairman, Star & Disney Indiawho will shed light on how he braved through some of the toughest times in his life and came out successful despite all adversity.

Wednesday, 15th April at 6:30 PM IST. 


So get set for what will most certainly be an inspirational and insightful address from Uday Shankar, who is not only a news and media stalwart, but also one of the most creative and intuitive business minds of India. Remember, he’s the man who has traversed the long, fruitful, illustrious journey from a humble news reporter in Patna to President of The Walt Disney Company in APAC.

Also remember, sometimes, opportunities present themselves disguised as risks. The current times may be extremely tough, but how we view the situation and what we make of it is in our hands.

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