The power of good content: TVF ties up with Marriott International for in-brand placement

image-INPOST-career vs love - TVF - JM Mariott - MediaBriefWe’ve seen individual travel bloggers cutting little deals with hotels and travel destinations and service providers to promote their properties and services, but at an individual blogger and property level, it’s a very small game; one that has gotten much bigger now that the massive JW Mariott chain and one of India’s most popular content creators, TVF, have gotten together. In –show placements in shows for mobile have truly arrived.  In fact, with the show being placed in the brand it’s showcasing, the concept’s now turned on its head to in-brand placement of a show. Nice.

The Viral Fever has announced its association with Marriott International for their upcoming sketch Career vs Love. TVF’s tieup with Marriott International is its first partnership with a luxury hotel brand. So while TVF’s latest sketch will hopefully be as interesting as its other creations, Career Vs Love will also showcase – hopefully subtly and through unique, and relatable storytelling .– the luxury, service and experience Marriott International has to offer.

Watch Career vs Love here

Written by Akash Ahuja, Career vs Love is now live on TVFPlay and on The Timeliners YouTube page.

TVF’s The Timeliners brings forth slice-of-life stories mixed with nostalgia and a pinch of pop culture.  As always,  with ‘Career Vs Love’ too, their aim is for viewers to pack their bags and book a staycation with their loved ones.

Career vs Love is the story of a young couple faced with the emotional dilemma of prioritising their relationship or their jobs during a weekend staycation at JW Marriott. It is during this constant deliberation and amidst the stress that they are dealing with, that Sumit, played by Suraj Roy, and Saumya played by Namya Saxena, are experiencing the various facilities the hotel has to offer. Career vs Love blends each experience with the situation at hand to create a lasting impact on the viewer.

On associating with The Viral Fever, a Marriott International spokesperson said, “#WeekendsAtMarriott is a campaign that offers our guests the flexibility and comfort to indulge in a perfect weekend staycation in their own city. Active across nine cities at our premium and luxury-tier hotels, this offer extends to our guests beyond just the room. Guests can also choose an experience of their choice including activities such as water Zumba or an interactive culinary session that they can enjoy while they stay with us. We’re offering a short break in your own city, a pleasant escape, without the hassle of traveling and long-hour flights.

“This association with TVF is our way of reaching out to the millennials who are well travelled and constantly looking to make the most of their travels. TVF will aid us in reaching this audience that resonates with the Marriott International service culture and travel trends. Targeted towards young couples and the go-getter audience, this offer is more than just an experience for those caught up in a busy and hectic lifestyle and looking at doing something in their own city.”

Sameer Saxena, Chief Content Officer – The Viral Fever, said, “Brands these days have realized storytelling leads to higher engagement and interest. In fact, consumers are more receptive to brands that communicate through effective storytelling since the communication is pivoted towards what a viewer wants to hear, see or experience. Our partnership with Marriott International is an epitome of this approach.”

“Our association with Marriott International helps us strengthen our existing brand portfolio. Simultaneously, it will support our foray and partnerships with luxury brands in the industry.  As a brand Marriott International is synonymous to luxury and experience.

“Career vs Love beautifully weaves the brand’s luxury appeal along with a circumstance that is dependent on emotions and understandings. We are certain that it will strike the right chord with our target audience and at the same time enhance the brands engagement with its consumers.”

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