TV9 Network launches TV9 Bangla with ‘A leader from birth’ as its brand promise


Prothomthekeiprothom, Bengali approximation for “a leader from birth” is the brand promise with which TV9 Network launched TV9 Bangla, 24×7 news channel beaming out of Kolkata.

TV9 Bangla is the sixth language news channel from the House of TV9 and will bring a whiff of fresh air to the Bengali news genre with its unique perspective, best-in-class facilities, state-of-art technology and top rung journalists.

Just like all its language siblings – TV9 Telugu, TV9 Kannada, TV9 Marathi, TV9 Gujarati and TV9 Bharatvarsh – which are all leaders in their respective genres, making TV9 Network the biggest television news powerhouse.

image-Barun-Das-–-CEO-TV9-Network-MediaBrief.jpgBarun Das, CEO, TV9 Network, said, “Inspired by its glorious past and distinct regional pride, West Bengal is finally getting ready to resurrect and revive. And TV9 Bangla is here to chronicle this new development narrative with neutrality and world class presentation.

“TV9 Network enjoys undisputed regional dominance in language differentiated markets and with Bangla we will extend our lead. We will be a game changer in this robust market.

Explaining the rationale behind the channel going with the “prothom” pitch, Das said: “The word prothom signifies three broad elements – first it’s an allusion to our beloved state West Bengal. It’s an aspiration to see Bengal at the top of the charts again.

“Second, TV9 Network will further reinforce its position as the No. 1 news network with TV9 Bangla adding to its already substantial lead over competing networks. And third, we are vying for a lateral entry at No. 1 position in the West Bengal market.

Calling upon the discerning Bengali news consumers to sample TV9 Bangla, Das added: “We are here to redefine news coverage by simply doing the basics, turning to the good old style of neutral journalism – balanced perspective and fact-based reporting. We are here to give test to the Fourth Estate, especially as the state goes to polls. That’s why the viewers just can’t afford not seeing us – Na Dekhelei Noye.”

On the timing of the launch, the Das, said, “The state is already into election mode. Given that Bengal’s propensity for free flow of information, news viewership is bound to peak. We believe this is a perfect opportunity for TV9 Bangla to establish its credentials and win the maximum share of voice.”

image-Amit-Tripathi-CRO-TV9-Network-mediabrief.jpgAmit Tripathi, Chief Revenue Officer, TV9 Bangla, said, “We are proud to add another feather to our cap with TV9 Bangla. Thanks to our customer first approach and remarkable deliveries, we enjoy unstinted confidence of our advertisers which was further strengthened by the unprecedented success of TV9 Bharatvarsh.

With the launch of TV9 Bangla, we look forward to providing our partners the best media solutions cutting across geographies and priority markets. We are delighted that our esteemed advertisers from all over the country have already given a thumbs up to our Bangla by committing their support for the channel from day one,” Tripathi said.

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