Tupperware India celebrates ‘Care for Food’ month this April; increases awareness about food wastage amidst the lockdown

image-Tupperware India celebrates ‘Care for Food’ month this April, increases awareness about food wastage MediabriefTupperware, a conscientious global premium homeware brand based out of Orlando, US, celebrates the spirit of ‘Care for Food’ in the month of April every year. The initiative intends to create awareness regarding food preservation and inspires the public at large to act responsibly towards food – from storage to cooking to serving, to leftover make-over and more to utilize each grain more efficiently. This will help in increasing the shelf life of food ensuring well utilization and reducing the wastage of food increasing day by day.

Caring for food has been a part of Tupperware’s DNA since the brand’s inception. Tupperware, the world over has been an advocate of buying right, cooking adequately and storing leftovers properly. Especially in light of the coronavirus outbreak, Tupperware as a responsible brand completely understands the need for unique convening power and spur of efforts in a common direction for a country of over 1.3 billion people which went into lockdown. Currently, along with the rest of the basic amenities, food availability, access, utilization, and storage is extremely crucial. Thus, it’s vital to spread the importance to treat food responsibly and store it in the right way that while keeping it fresh, health and hygiene of the products are retained.

Being at home gives all of us a great opportunity to start practicing this. We’re living in an unfortunate time where the underprivileged population is struggling to make ends meet and provide their loved ones with one square meal a day. While the storage of essential kitchenware goods can be difficult, it’s not a challenge as Tupperware offers a range of products that impacts consumers in a positive way. It makes their life simpler through various routine chores and ensures More Time Caring for their loved ones. 

Throwing light on the initiative, Nitin Malhotra, Associate Director, Product Marketing, Tupperware India said, “The brand has been extending its support to act responsibly towards food via an initiative ‘Care 4 Food’. The initiative spreads awareness and enables the public with solutions for conserving, preserving and celebrating food; from purchasing cycle to the storage, cooking, serving and managing leftovers to reduce food wastage. Proper storage of food does not only eliminate unnecessary waste but also extends food shelf life.”

“Consumers should also act responsibly and take steps to prevent food wastage at the micro-level and minimize the daily wastage of cooked food on every day basis. Also, being at home gives an opportunity to practice innovative ways for food storage and lessening food wastage. It is a great way to show that you care not just for you, your family but also the planet.” added Nitin

Tupperware has always celebrated April as Care for Food month, and with the ongoing pandemic situation, it becomes more relevant. Tupperware promotes food conservation and under the Care for Food initiative, Tupperware is further promoting these habits under six pillars:

  • Buy right
  • Store right
  • Increase shelf life
  • Cook with care
  • Serve right
  • Manage leftovers 

Catering to the needs of the consumer, the brand has launched the spill-proof products- Clear Canister Set and Smart Storer to deal with bulk buy and storage to keep food fresh for longer, keeping the nutritional value intact in this unprecedented time.

  • Clear Canister Set   

Tupperware presents Clear Canister Set to make everyday life easier while storing good food in good containers. The set of two each (one 780 ml and one 1.8 liter) are priced at Rs 800 and Rs 1200 respectively.

Clear Canister Set Tupperware

  • Smart Storer 

Tupperware brings this Smart Storer (set of 2) priced at Rs 1600. This virtually airtight seal keeps food fresh and have a longer shelf life. Preserve the freshness and goodness of cereals, pulses and much more in this Smart Storer. 

Smart Storer Tupperware

The products have tabs for easy opening and are easily stackable to maximize storage. Virtually airtight seal keeps food fresh and clear window enables to see the stored contents easily. The products have textured surface to resist scratches and make them non-slippery. The products are go-to the solution for keeping the food fresh and storing dry items such as snacks, cereals, fruits, rice, flour etc. in bulk. Also, diversity and modern design of the products makes kitchen shelf look neat and clean ensuring the products not only save time but fill each moment with delight. 

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