Travelxp now in Singapore on @StarHub TV

Travelxp, the travel channel that reaches a shade over 90 million TV homes worldwide —  of which some 75 million are pay — has now launched on StarHub, Singapore’s integrated info-communications company, where it is available on the Basic Lifestyle pack on Channel 427.

IMAGE-FOR-FEATURED-IMAGE-TRAVELXP-ON-STARHUB-SINGAPORE-MEDIABRIEFdotCOM“This is the beginning of Travelxp’s expansion into the Asia Pacific region, and we will continue to take our world-class content to all parts of the world and in greater number of language feeds,” Prashant Chothani, CEO – Travelxp, was quoted in a company announcement.

He said Travelxp’s partnership with StarHub would take the travel channel to all 4,49,000 subscribers of StarHub TV. In the coming months, the channel will include Chinese subtitles to appeal to and engage with a wider audience. Further launches in the Asia-Pacific region with more languages too will be targeted.

Travelxp HD (StarHub TV Channel 427) is available to StarHub TV customers subscribed to the Lifestyle Basic Group at no additional cost. All StarHub TV customers can also enjoy a free preview of Travelxp HD from July 3, 2018

Lee Soo Hui, Head of Content Business Unit, StarHub, said, “We are delighted that our customers will be the first in South-east Asia to enjoy Travelxp’s content. Travelxp is the single largest producer of travel content in the world and a welcome addition to our lifestyle offering. With Singaporeans being avid travelers, we are confident that Travelxp will resonate with every backpacker, guidebook follower and adventure seeker.”

A sample of the kind of content Lee Soo Hui is referring to above: view of Travelxp:

Travelxp has not only grown in seven short years since its launch, it is a profitable channel with a strong CAGR of over 35% each year.  Moreover, unlike pretenders to the travel genre, Travelxp offers 100% travel-only content

It is primarily the quality of Travelxp excellent content, which has been designed and created strategically to target and measure up to mainstream global audiences,  that has given the channel a global appeal strong enough to take it on the verge of reaching 100 million TV homes, which it should achieve in the near future, considering the Chothanis – Founder-CMD-CEO Prashant and Content Head Nisha – now plan to give it a Lat Am launch plus a quick lineup of additional Indian languages in succession.

Travelxp is also the global leader in 4K HDR technology, what with being the world’s first 4K HDR Channel.  Travelxp content is shot on 4K cameras and multicultural hosts across the world, and is available across various countries in international languages like English, German, Czech, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian and Bulgarian, and in Hindi, Tamil and Bengali in India. Today, Travelxp reportedly has over 1000 hours of the best Travel content.

Travelxp: Mainstream vs Diaspora

On April 30th, 2018, Travelxp had launched in United Kingdom on UK’s Freeview platform, giving 16 million mainstream TV homes the opportunity to see Travelxp. The ability to appeal to mainstream global audiences automatically puts Travelxp as a channel with an advantage over the diaspora-only channels. It must be noted that when any Indian mainstream GEC channel says it’s reaching, say, 90% of the Indian diaspora in the UK, well, remember that the total Indian diaspora TV homes in the UK are around 5 million, and so it reaches 90% of 5 million homes and not of all the TV homes in the UK.

Travelxp’s depiction of India

Travelxp’s depiction and presentation of India is very heartening, especially in a day and age when it seems fashionable for international and national news channels to zoom in on the dirty underbelly of our Nation which is constantly struggling with a teeming population and its pressures on infrastructure, and for artsy movies to play up the same, with even the offensive BBC presenter Jeremy Clarkson actually going around in a car fitted with a toilet as “perfect for India because everyone who comes here gets the trots”… well, not every media channel is doing this.

Travelxp has held the Indian flag high across the world, presenting a beautiful India with all its myriad attractions, drawing both, international praise for the country and inbound tourist traffic.

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