Top 4 resources businesses use most for Social Media Marketing

What social media marketing resource do most businesses use to elevate their social media presence?  Before you answer, consider also, that they may be facing challenges, like most businesses do, and may not have the luxury of big buy decisions. A lack of financial and human resources, and of formal strategies, usually top the list, and scarcities like these can complicate the social media marketing life of a business. Not every business seeks outside help for their social media, though. So – what social media marketing resource do most businesses use to elevate their social media presence?

Top social media marketing resources businesses invest in in-house staff , social media marketing software and digital agencies to elevate their social media presence, according to new survey data from The Manifest

In-house staff. Followed by social media marketing software and digital agencies, with freelance or consultant being the distant fourth resource to complete the Top 4 list of resources marketers primarily use for their social media marketing. This, according to a survey by The Manifest, a B2B news- and how-to website which surveyed 344 social media marketers at both B2B and B2C companies around the world with more than 10 employees.

And here’s the breakup of the extent of use of the top 4 social media marketing resources by the marketers surveyed: 85% rely on in-house staff,  followed by social media marketing software which, at 43%, is the most popular external resource, while 28% use social media marketing agencies. Freelancers / consultants are used by 8% of the marketers surveyed.

The challenges

There are challenges, of course. While social media is increasingly essential to marketing success, yet many businesses don’t understand how to find the proper resources for the process. While in-house staff reduce costs, their talent gaps can leave businesses lacking key skills or short on manpower, so it is critical that all marketing staff be digital experts, or trained, at least, if they are to pitch in as an important social media marketing resource.

Of course, each solution requires a different approach to the varied social media challenges. Social media marketing software provides functionality to enhance a company’s workflow and social media presence. Digital agencies better serve those seeking to enhance their team’s expertise and execute big-picture goals, such as a new strategy or rebranding.

What is the top social media marketing resource you use? Do share in the comments below.

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