Title track of hoichoi’s detective-crime thriller series ‘Damayanti’ out now

image-Title-track-of-hoichois-Damayanti-out-now-mediabrief.jpghoichoi, Bengali OTT platform has released the title track of its upcoming detective-crime thriller series, Damayanti. Damayanti is hoichoi’s first female detective franchise, after successfully delivering many detective franchises like Byomkesh, Eken BabuGoyenda Gogol among others.

The series about a bright, young professor of History, Damayanti Dutta Gupta (essayed by the very talented Tuhina Das), who has a curious mind and a knack for solving mysteries. In this endeavor she is often aided by her husband Samaresh (starring Indrasish Ray) and his police friend, Siben Sen (starring Shoumo Banerjee).

Sung and penned by the versatile Bangladeshi singer Sharmin Sultana Sumi, the title track is upbeat and a good catch for the ears. The track is composed and directed by the popular Bangladeshi band named Chirkut. The music video features Damayanti, her characteristics, her strengths and what makes her the personality that will draw the audience to watch the series! Helmed by Aritra Sen and Rohan Ghose, the web series is slated for a release this Puja. 

Based on Manoj Sen’s famous writing “Rohoshyo Shondhani Damayanti, Tuhina Das, who plays the role of Damayanti in the series is seen to solve crimes in the music video with her phenomenally sharp intuition and deductive skills. She is portrayed to be independent, smart and energetic who knows how to balance her personal and professional life.

Damayanti’s character is enhanced with the progression of the music video and her actions compliment the beats of the song.  The energy of the title track combined with the intriguing visuals in the video is worthy of putting the audience on edge along with the arousal of thrill.

image-Paramabrata-Chattopadhyay-Producer-mediabrief.jpgParamabrata Chattopadhyay, Producer said, “hoichoi audience will get to experience and cherish the adventures of a never-seen-before inspiring and aspiring female detective

“Over the period of time, Bengalis have witnessed the stories of many well-known male detectives including Feluda, Byomkesh and Kakababu, but now, seeing a woman solving crimes with her extraordinary intelligence will turn out to be exciting. 

“The character of Damayanti possesses so much strength that people will remember her in the list of eminent Bengali detectives. The title track adds a prominent flavor to the entire series and has been beautifully composed and sung.

“Several elements have been deliberately shown in the video that reveals different and innate personality traits of Damayanti as a person and a sleuthI hope the audience will like and engage themselves in listening to the new title track of Damayanti,Chattopadhyay addeed.

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