Tinder’s new music video ‘In our Own Way’ celebrates how Gen Z has redefined dating in 2020


Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, launches a digital-first montage film celebrating how young India is redefining dating and creating moments of connection, chemistry, and serendipity in these unprecedented times.

Tinder’s campaign is a celebration of how members have not let the pandemic define what dating, flirting and social discovery means to them. They set their own pace and make their own rules about love, dating, life and everything in between.

Inspired by real member stories and Tinder’s diverse community, the music video explores what dating and flirting look like today–from making a mundane outdoor hopscotch date memorable, improvising the lack of a public swimming pool, making the effort for a virtual dance party much, to exploring the city on cycles.

The film showcases the optimism of these moments; the unexpected joys and the idea of possibility in times of physical distancing.

On Tinder, you are in charge of your own experience. Members have always had the freedom to personalize their Tinder experience and make of the platform what they need it to be – a gateway to exactly the kind of connections and experiences they seek, at their pace.

image-Taru-Kapoor-GM-India-Tinder-and-Match-group-mediabrief.jpgTaru Kapoor, GM-India, Tinder and Match group, said, “The pandemic has significantly diminished opportunities of chance encounters and interactions from our lives especially for our young members.”

“But human connection endures, unconstrained from rules of physical distance and barriers (both social and physical) and we continue to be inspired by our community. Our members have creatively co-created and figured out new rules of meeting, hanging out and falling in love.”

“None of this is surprising, Gen Z has always set their own pace, created their own rules and thrived despite constraints and COVID has only accelerated this ingenuity-this is the spirit we are championing and celebrating,” Kapoor added.

The film was created and conceptualized by BBH India, directed by Jess Kohl with an original soundtrack composed by music director Mikey McCleary with vocals by Indian-American rapper, singer, songwriter and dancer Raja Kumari.

Raja Kumari, said,  “Working on the lyrics and music has been a very rewarding experience and I’m grateful to be the voice of such an inclusive and progressive campaign. I hope it inspires people everywhere to be themselves and love and live in their own way.”

image-Vasudha-Misra-Executive-Creative-Director-BBH-Delhi-mediabrief.jpgVasudha Misra, Executive Creative Director, BBH Delhi, said, “In creating a music video for Tinder, it is the Tinder community who came up with the ‘creatives’ – the many ways of dating. All we had to do was to reflect and celebrate them.”

“In our own way’ is a refrain that champions their spirit – from choosing who to be with to setting their own pace to meet-ups at places which may not have seen dates before,” Misra added.

The music video is an ode to the resilience and tenacity of the Tinder community. There are as many different ways to date as people who do it, and Tinder’s mission is to make space for all of them.


Agency: BBH India

  • CEO & Chief Creative Officer, BBH-PWW India – Russell Barrett
  • CEO, BBH-PWW India – Subhash Kamath
  • Chief Strategy Officer & CEO, BBH-PWW India – Sanjay Sharma
  • Managing Director –  Arvind Krishan
  • Executive Creative Director and Writer – Vasudha Misra
  • Creative Team – Ttarangg Manoj, Rodrigues Robert, Aastha Gupta
  • Head of Production – Rahul Kulkarni
  • Business Director –  Rajat Pandey
  • Business Partner – Manas Dewan
  • Strategy Director – Pranoy Kanojia
  • Strategist – Arshavi Buch

Production House – Ransom Film

  • Director – Jess Kohl
  • Producer – Akshiti Goleria
  • Creative Producer – Bharat Sikka
  • DOP – Tassaduq Hussain
  • Music Composer –  Mikey McCleary
  • Vocalist – Raja Kumari
  • Lyricists – Raja Kumari, Saba Azad, Mikey McCleary
  • Editor – Hasani Franke, Rachit Mehta
  • Colorist – Christian Leiva

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