The world’s most unnoticeable email, this, from the Indian Cancer Society? Really?

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We just received what was described as the world’s most unnoticeable email, and it stopped us in our tracks, In fact, this is something that flew quick and straight as an arrow at our solar – for a direct dil-se connection. This email from the Indian Cancer Society is a remarkably well thought out, sensitive and extremely effective communication of a kind that, unfortunately, is much rarer than such beautiful concepts really should be.

Forget the descriptions. Check out a grab of the email below:

image-The-World's Most unnoticeable email -MediaBrief


Shivani Sanghavi

We reached out to Shivani Sanghavi, Director Marketing – Indian Cancer Society, to tell her that, and ask her for a quick quote on this brilliant emailer creative, and here’s what she told us: “It is common knowledge that October is breast cancer awareness month, but how do we create an immersive awareness experience with the most common communication tool – emails?

“The whole messaging was crafted around the key message that if just like this email, cancer can be unnoticeable unless one is really aware and looks intently for signs and symptoms. These minute changes in your body — as mentioned in the email —  can empower one to know and understand breast cancer and eventually help save lives through early screening.”

So here’s a lovely one for today’s email marketing textbook: A brilliant subject line, a short, direct and very simply readable message that keeps you thinking as it continues to draw you into it with every successive line. And then leaves you with a punchline that, pardon the pun, punches you in the solar plexus in a way that is not just memorable, but extremely sharing-inducing.

A great medium to choose too, emails, because even today, as over the past decades, email marketing is a medium that gives you the highest ROI in the online and digital space. Great stuff indeed.

Your thoughts, please