The ‘poetic and haunting’ Homebody by Nai Palm! ‘Time will always come around, to meet with the answers'

Poetic and haunting.

As a dying man, Nai has soothed my worries many times.

The two comments above were posted by moved people who’d watched the Nai Palm video from Sony Music Masterworks on YouTube. And I suddenly thought – to hell with professional reviewers. The best way to enjoy different nuances of anything good, is to look at a cross-section of the comments underneath the video.  Sure, if this were a Bollywood movie music album released by anyone but a leading label, there would have likely been a flood of ‘dislikes’from the Russian internet guns for hire to shoot down smaller-label music videos (so believe the smaller labels), but this is about an ethereally beautiful mix of haunting R&B/Soul music and a superb video exquisitely shot in black and white. (On Sony Music Masterworks, about which surely a much longer piece, another time soon.)

image-the-good-stuff-Nai-Palm-Homebody-Video--MediabriefThe Video is brilliant, of course, but its soul stems from the vocal talent of Naomi “Nai Palm” Saalfield, frontwoman of Aussie indie foursome Haitus Kaiyote. Nai Palm has a voice that’s powerful and beautiful thanks in large part to its primal rawness.   Needle Paw (Sony Masterworks) is her solo debut, and Homebody from it is a mesmerizing track that creeps up, growing on you in a beautifully clingy way!

Lyrics of Homebody

So, here are the lyrics first. Of Nai Palm’s track Homebody from her R&B/Soul album Needle Paw of 2017.


Hold on to the color in your day

I will always be around to reach your pain

Home is where you don’t have to carry all of the worry

You don’t have to bury all of the memories

Hold on love

Hold on to, each other when you can

Time will always come around, to meet with the answers

Home is in your body


Songwriters: Naomi Grace Saalfield

Homebody lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing

Watch the Homebody video:

Now. Nuances? How this video might make you feel? Creep smoothly upon you, suck you into a still whirlpool… slam you emotionally off balance, have you gasping for superlatives?

Well, that, and more, from some very obviously heartfelt reactions, is below.

Live these viewer comments. Enjoy. And then go back and watch the video yet again.

I cried to this song and this is totally unusual. Beautiful.

This woman, this human being with her gifts and talents and so willing to share such an intimate and delicate arrangement with us just fills my soul with peace and love. Thank you Nai!

Yes for beauty in straight notes again! Tonality IS an art! You can tell a thousand stories in one note! Thank you for the message as well!

Got chills at:
home is in your body

 Her guitar playing really is magical

It’s so peaceful and elegant! We love your music, and this is such an amazing work <3

She used to be a fire dancer!! Nai I love you, I love your connection with nature I feel like that’s something I can identify myself with

Terrific. Finally music that is not garbage.


“Home is in your body.” Getting this tattooed on my arm.

I love the way this video makes me feel. Time will always come around to meet you.

My Brain just nutted

We love you Nai !!! My heart cries tears of pain and joy when I hear vibrations come from your spirit!! Know that you are loved by the people around you forever. Love Juan Pablo

Perfection! In full unison with all the elements in which we are connected to. This video was poetically flawless.

OH f*****g wow, that’s was a whole of different beautifuls at the same time

Nai Palm is a true artist in every sense of the word. Visually and sonically she is like all the great singers from the past where every note from her is pleasure to the ears and soul. Needle Paw is a classic already.

Anyone know the chords to this?

Intimate, mesmerizing, soulful.

Nai, I just wanna thank you for such beautiful parts of your soul you are sharing with us through music that is also healing. Homebody is definetly one of my favourite pieces of yours due to its simplicity and purity and your solo album is just inspiring. Thank you so much ❤ You are a true music reference!

So those viewer comments above are the kind of stuff Nai Palm evokes.

OK, and before I sign off, here’s what Pitchfork had to say about Nai Palm’s Needle Paw: ‘On her solo debut, Nai Palm abandons her band Hiatus Kaiyote’s expansive future-soul aesthetic in favor of acoustic intimacy; it is, above all, a testament to the power of the voice.’

Raw voice indeed! Nai Palm. Balm for the soul, Which she also, intermittently, sets on fire. I’m zoned out! And you?

Your thoughts, please