THE HOPE song – An ode to COVID Warriors

THE HOPE song – An ode to COVID Warriors

As we all face one of the biggest challenges of our time,to bring forth motivation and positivity for everyone, the HOPE Song has been released. The song was launched on YouTube today and has been released across all online music channels.  It provides an ode to the brave COVID warriors across India and the world. In a unique collaboration, the music video has been worked on by 14 artists across 8 different functions such as project managers, music, lyrics, singing, art, animation; spread over 13 locations while in lockdown. The song is composed & sung by AmeyaNaik and produced by Saurabh Sharma, Partner&CEO, Think WhyNot Films.

Music and Singer – AmeyaNaik
Lyricist – Mitesh Gupta ‘Tarun’
The song is a summation of all things positive

HOPE is a rap song keeping the local Indian tastes in mind. The instruments used in the song are kazoo for the main catch phrase melody which has a hammering effect and a high recall value. It has got a typical Indian touch to it.  The percussion instruments of Maharashtra, Bengal, Punjab and Southern India, bring the song close to the hearts of all Indians. The song features the fascinating instrument kazoo and has a mix of western hip hop beat and synths which adds to the groove of the track.

Saurabh Sharma, Founder &CEO, Think WhyNot Films, said, “Our PM recently put out a LinkedIn post (Life in the era of COVID-19) in which he describes how he envisages the ‘new normal’, which looks pretty attractive, all in all. His vision of the future is filled with HOPE and that inspired us to express ourselves, through a medium in which we communicate best – a music video! We put together ‘the HOPE song’ with a clear message that the future can be bright and beautiful if we use the current hiatus to re-look at and re-think on various facets of life as we know it”.

It’s a trying time for everyone. A virus has brought our world to a standstill and left us in the darkness of uncertainty and despair. ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that,’ a great man once said. And in these times of crisis, we believe only HOPE can drive out gloom. The HOPE song is a summation of all things positive. It’s about re-thinking our priorities and re-looking at our actions. It shifts the focus from the current despair to all that’s bright and beautiful which await us at the other end of this dark night.


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