The brilliant 2CELLOS announce their new album ‘Let There Be Cello’ October 19 release from Sony Music Masterworks. Don't miss it!

The Croatian duo of Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, better known as 2CELLOS, return this Fall with an all-new album, Let There Be Cello, set for release October 19 via Sony Music Masterworks.  A follow-up to the 2017 release of ScoreLet There Be Cello finds the pair exploring a diverse catalogue with their signature boundary-breaking playing style.


IMAGE-Sony-Music-logo-2CELLOS-announce-new-album-Let-There-Be-Cello-mediabrief-1“We’ve always said we want to break down pre-conceptions about the cello and the boundaries around musical genres,” says 2CELLOS on their latest project.  “This album demonstrates that. We take inspiration from all sources, from pop smashes to timeless classical music, from classic rock through to our enduring love of film music. This album has the lot – including some 2CELLOS’ originals. There are no rules, just let there be cello!”

image-press-release-Featured-Mandira Bedi-with-son-Vir-practicing-for-2nd Durathon-Mediabrief-2
The Croatian cellists Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic of 2CELLOS display a mesmerising mix of sensitivity, dexterity and musical brilliance pumped with an OD of adrenaline in every performance

Co-produced by Sulic and Hauser themselves as well as Filip Vidovic, Let There Be Cello is a showcase of 2CELLOS’ exceptional talent for reinventing the music of any genre.

IMAGE-2CELLOS-announce-new-album-Let-There-Be-Cello-mediabrief-2The collection includes their take on the latest pop hits, including Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, a fan-favorite rendition that has garnered over 30 million views on 2CELLOS’ YouTube alone.

Luis Fonsi’s Depacito by 2Cellos

Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, by 2Cellos

Known for bringing their explosive playing style to some of rock’s biggest anthems, 2CELLOS make no exception on Let There Be Cello, which features favorites “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor and The White Stripes’ iconic “Seven Nation Army,” which the pair most recently performed on-field to open May’s UEFA Champions League final in Ukraine. Check out both the videos below:

Eye of the Tiger by 2CELLOS

The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army by 2 cellos

Taking their classical instrumentation to new heights, 2CELLOS round out the newest album with everything from celebrated classics (“Imagine” by John Lennon, “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen) to never-before-heard original compositions (“Concept2,” “Cadenza”) for a listening experience unlike any othe

Vivaldi Storm by 2Cellos – official video

Giving fans a preview of what to expect from the group’s latest chapter, 2CELLOS just released a brand-new visual for their rendition of “Vivaldi Storm.”  Filmed in their native Croatia, the video finds Sulic and Hauser performing in the center of a rock quarry.  With explosive lighting and dynamic camerawork, the visual perfectly mirrors the exhilarating drama and suspense of the Vivaldi composition, culminating in a climactic onslaught of rain as the performance comes to an end.

“We love the drama of Vivaldi.  So we thought we’d bring a 2CELLOS storm to one of his best known pieces,” says 2CELLOS.  “For this track we needed a suitably dramatic and beautiful location for the video – which we found in a quarry near Pula, Croatia.  Summer is here but there is a storm coming!”

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