Television premier of ‘Stuber’ on Star Movies — September 20


Imagine a mild-mannered Uber driver and a jacked-up cop trying to take down a highly trained killer, sound ridiculous doesn’t it? Well, Stuber has been just about that!The action comedy premieresfor the first time on television on Star Movies on September 20th at 12 pm and 9 pm.

Popular wrestling superstar turned Marvel superhero Dave Bautista stars as the grizzly LAPD Detective Vic Manning. The wrestler turned actor is known for his scene-stealing performances in Guardians Of The Galaxy, Escape Plan 2, and Avengers: Infinity Wars to name a few.The scanty Stu Prasad is portrayedby hilarious comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani. Another cast member includes actress Karen Gillan, who portrays the rookie cop Sara Morris.

The story follows a meager Uber driver, StuPrasad who is obsessed with getting his first five-star review in the app. He isforced by an aggressive Los Angeles Police Department detective Vic Manning to drive him around town to catch notorious drug lord Oka Tedjo. The film is a hilarious entry in the buddy cop genre with issues such as toxic masculinity being addressed in a very mature manner.

Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani, Actor, said, “I really wanted to do this movie, and that was something I thought a lot about. In Big Sick, he’s an Uber driver, but it’s not really integral to the story. Whereas in Stuber, that is pretty tied in to the story.Now I am only going to do movies where I’m an Uber driver.”

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