Tansener Tanpura becomes the most watched series on hoichoi in 2020


Tansener Tanpura, one of the biggest shows of hoichoi, becomes the most successful Original release of 2020, till date. In this year, Tansener Tanpura has accomplished the highest Watch-Time recorded for any show during the first weekend of its release. It is unarguably the leading jewel in the crown.

The first 5 episodes are streaming now and thr remaining episodes of Season 1 are slated to release on 3rd July. In fact, hoichoi has hinted that the Part 2 (Season 2) of Tansener Tanpura will be dropping soon!

The series has received a spectacular response from the audience who are full of praises and showering love on their social platforms. hoichoi is known to experiment with a lot of quality concepts and varied genres. 

The platform does not shy away from its commitment to deliver the most entertaining and relatable content with its timely innovation. For example, it started the trend of Original Lockdown Shows during the pandemic hoichoi has remained consistent with its deliverables despite unusual times. It has strategically adopted distinct solutions to create and bring forth entertainment for its audience base.

Image-Vishnu-Mohta-the-Co-Founder-of-hoichoi-MediaBrief.jpgVishnu Mohta, the Co-Founder of hoichoi, said, “The first half of the year ends on this positive note. Tansener Tanpura has truly given us what we were expecting and being a very captivating property, we did believe it to be successful. We, at hoichoi, try and ensure to set new benchmarks in the field of content generation. Even during the most uncertain times, the team has continued to work diligently. The audience is our utmost priority hence, we ensure and live up to their expectations.”

The quest for the “Tanpura” of Tansen which has been passed on to the next generations is a metaphor to understand which among the students has attained the ultimate understanding of music. The Tanpura must be earned after solving a lot of riddles and only the person who knows his music well and is free of the lust for fame can get it. 

We see two central characters who are the key people in the quest Alap (Vikram Chatterjee) and his girlfriend Shruti (Rupsa Chatterjee). Shruti’s family has the Tanpura for generations, but no one knows exactly where its location is! We also see several characters who are instrumental in carrying forward the plot like Shruti’s mother (Jayati Bhatia), the other students of Shruti’s grandfather and many more.  Each clue is found from a new person as various music “raags” are used to unveil the mystery. A musical journey that has thrill-filled to the “T”, as we link the past with the present and the shades of the various characters.

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