Sweet, slice-of-life old couple’s banter sparkles in Saregama Carvaan’s #KyaHaiIsme campaign 7-film campaign from Saregama, The Womb, Amit Sharma



Here are two new DVCs selling evergreen songs through a sweet, simple campaign riding an old couple’s banter in slice-of-life moments that are heartwarming and chuckle-inducing creatives, and pretty effective pieces of communication that sell evergreen songs in a beautiful, internet-free gadget housing 5000 songs.

Yes, it’s a Saregama Carvaan, and the sales pitch is super-sweet. This is the new #KyaHaiIsmme campaign from Saregama, launched with a series of seven films that focus particularly on Saregama Carvaan and the magical moments it can create every day with its music. (To digress for a bit, here: In fact, while  the gargantuan Saregama library of evergreen melodies  is literally priceless, it is testimony to the company’s foresight and ability to have kept itself ahead of the digital curve by ‘physically’ packaging its phenomenal music in a retro-chic gadget, the Carvaan, and not only making it a beautifully aspirational-to-own, but also dutiful-to-gift gadget to the older audiences, ie parents and other beloved elders who mainline on great film music. So, great content, packaging, and marketing has kept Saragama Carvaan defying the ‘streaming’ barriers and odds, and remaining robustly relevant. And so we have Carvaan, an easy-to-operate product, especially for the non-tech savvy music lovers has been very well accepted and has become an integral part of over a million households. The product is very well distributed across online platforms, modern trade and retail stores spread across Pan India.)

Coming back to the new #KyaHaiIsme campaign, Saregama , The Womb and the director and actor of Badhaai Ho have come together to create this campaign which talks about the different features of the product.

Kumar Ajit, Senior VP Sales and Marketing,  said  “After its high-on-emotions campaigns like ‘Aap ke pehle pyaar ke liye, aap ki maa ke liye’, ‘Is diwali aap kya sunnena chahenge shor ya sangeet’, ‘Jinhe aap kabhi keh nahi paaye unhe kahiye Thank You’ it was important to highlight  Carvaan and its Features in the most simplest manner. This is what our latest campaign is aimed at.”

So Carvaan has now shifted gears with a campaign that brings alive the product and its features in an interesting and funny way. Watch two of the #KyaHaiIsme films here:


  • The Womb
  • Founders: Kawal Shoor & Navin Talreja
  • Business Partner: Heval Patel
  • Creative Partner: Anshu Sharma & Arnab Manna
  • Planning Partner: Nakul Jayadevan
  • Creative Strategist: Rohit Sharma
  • Production House: Chrome Pictures
  • Director: Amit Sharma
  • Producer: Poonam Wahi

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