EXCLUSIVE PODCAST: Suveer Bajaj and Pratik Gupta of Foxymoron

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This episode of The Master’s Voice features two young leaders, Suveer Bajaj and Pratik Gupta, who, 13 years ago, along with two other like-minded partners, had set about putting together an advertising agency that was equally digitally driven, with a quirky name – Foxymoron. A tiny little offering that the youngsters  — Suveer was only 19 years old then, and Pratik, 20 — built brick by brick, teaching themselves perhaps one or more new things each day before putting their heads down to deliver brilliantly well on every new ask.

Suveer and Pratik learnt and grew in knowledge and effectiveness of offerings and equally, in the scale of their business at such a remarkable rate that they were the talk of the marketer town with much positive sentiment in the marketplace. So much so, that by the time the febrile-with-M&A second-decade of 2000s came around, 2014 had them in talks with WPP, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Foxymoron has only two of the original co-founders in Suveer and Pratik, but has grown ten-fold and more.

Pavan R Chawla caught up with the brilliant, smartly focused and extremely knowledgeable duo in a freewheeling chat on how Foxymoron came about from a  64000-Rupee corpus originally earmarked by four youngsters for a Goa holiday, and how they cobbled the agency together into a brilliant spit-and-polish offering that Suvir and Pratik have not only eyeballing all competition, but also setting the standards in the Digital Marketplace.

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Through the conversation, what stands out are their insistence upon working with ‘good people’, learning new things — often in a self-taught way, and pushing the comfort zone from what the client wants to what the client needs, and, as an advertising and digital marketing partner, wanting to deliver much more than ‘just how many social media posts we can do or accounts we can manage’, to insisting upon wanting to see how they can actually make an impact upon the business of the client rather then just giving what the client asks for. And in the process, handholding each new client across a journey of forgetting what they have been used to, and getting a fresh perspective steeped into the opportunities, demands, challenges and threats of the changing, newer realities of an ever-evolving digital marketplace.

Welcome to Suveer’s hurtling but precisely measured bariton delivery and Pratik’s effervescently enthusiastic conversation. Two young mutually complementing partners who also share insights on what has helped sustain, grow and flower their partnership with such remarkable results.

Suveer Bajaj and Pratik Gupta, Co-Founders of Foxymoron. Both, in conversation with Pavan R Chawla. 

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