Strong growth – Insights from BIG FM’s BIG BUZZ Lockdown newsletter

image-BIG FM report-BIG FM dominated-COVID listening-Survey-MediaBriefThe recently launched newsletter from BIG FM lauds the commendable progress made by the radio network, its major achievements and initiatives that the network has achieved and executed over this period

Amidst the growing global pandemic that has had several industries reeling in its effect, it has been the medium of radio that has come to the fore towards keeping spirits high amongst society. As one of the leading radio networks in the country, BIG FM over the past few months has exemplified a sense of responsibility in each of its endeavours, be it their shows or purpose-driven initiatives.

As a growing testament to the commendable work done in this period, BIG FM recently launched a report titled “BIG BUZZ: The Lockdown edition – May 2020” that further establishes the network’s dominance in the industry.

With a soaring popularity amongst listeners across its 58 stations, the findings of the report revealed that 82% of the population present in these markets tuned into FM radio.

Not only did the number of listeners rise from 48mn (pre-lockdown) to 51mn (post-lockdown), the industry also witnessed an increase in the amount of time spent on the medium. Adding another feather to its cap, the average daily time spent on radio rose from two hours and seven minutes to two hours and 36 minutes.

With the onus to inform and keep its listeners entertained during the lockdown, BIG FM launched a host of initiatives and campaigns.

These included the “Onward and Upward – The Big FM Morning Show – Lockdown series” for its employees to keep them motivated during these testing times. Through this initiative, the radio network conducts a 1-hour session every morning that features a renowned business leader from the radio network who conducts a session with 200+ BIG FM employees where they discuss the various aspects of how to propel their business to greater heights.

image-big-fm-story-mediabriefAnother initiative, the BIG Spotlight, was aimed towards fostering radio and digital engagement with the who’s who of industry today. The campaign helped listeners and audiences understand the ‘New normal’ through informative digital meetings between BIG FM RJ’s and the influencers.

The recently released IRS 2019 Q4 report too highlighted BIG FM’s leadership position amongst the top three in majority of the cities. With an extensive presence across the length and breadth of the country, BIG FM reigns at the top in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Karnataka, Jharkhand, and Jammu & Kashmir.

In addition to the above initiatives, BIG FM RJs made their presence felt both on-ground as well across digital platforms towards providing relief to localities in their respective cities in their own unique style.

Supporting all the initiatives that were implemented by the government, BIG FM, leveraged their digital presence and played a vital role in spreading the message, going on to received recognition and praise from PM Narendra Modi.

Along with keeping its listeners aware by spreading information, dispelling fake news along with entertaining them throughout, BIG FM has once again emerged as a local, credible and trusted name through its successful initiatives. Playing a vital role in keeping everyone’s spirits high, both its workforce and its audience, BIG FM continues to grow from strength to strength and set new benchmarks on its way to greater heights.

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