Star opens Asia Cup campaign with quirky neighbours’ rivalry film Tournament Of Neighbours theme to focus on Indo-Pak matches

When limited-overs cricket contests arrive,  particularly in the subcontinent, and especially those featuring India vs Pakistan,  first anticipation, and then emotions,  are always high. And the entertainment begins long before the cricket action does – through the ad campaigns each rights-owning sports network releases. And Star Sports, particularly with its campaigns promoting India-Pakistan contests,  has always scored — remember the brilliant Mauqa campaign?

image-Star-Sports-Uimoni-Asia-Cup-2018-Knock-Knock-Campaign-MediaBrief-aSo one waited to see what they would come forward with this time round, for an event which needs absolutely zero category-creation: the upcoming Unimoni Asia Cup 2018, which, from 15 September, will see Asian neighbours India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and the winner of Asia Cup 2018 qualifier battle it out to become the champions of Asia.

Well, Star Sports has scored again by releasing an angular, quirky Knock Knock campaign film that speaks of the unique aspect of ‘The Tournament of Neighbours’. When the neighbours are India and Pakistan, well, what other aspect could possibly  belong at the heart of the campaign?

The Knock Knock campaign:

The campaign, released just a little while back on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, is based on Creative Agency Star Sports creative communications team, and executed by Nirvana Films. From the casting, of course, it targets young adults of othe kind the masses of young adults in India would identify with – a good PLU (People Like Us) quotient.


‘Neighbour’s envy’ is generally such a deeply ingrained emotion in most people that it could have gotten out of hand in the execution of this campaign, but happily, while the film takes off on and develops the traditional Neighbour vs Neighbour rivalry, the envy quotient is gentle and without a single shred of the ugliness of malice. There’s just the right amount of a tiny little spark of envy that most decent human beings have for their neighbours.

If you haven’t watched it yet, experience it here:

So the first Star Sports  campaign video for the upcoming Unimoni Asia Cup brings alive the rivalry between neighbours in a smile-and-chukle-inducing way. It’s a nice feel-good campaign, and doesn’t have the usual Mahasangraam! kind of war cries. No sir, there’s probably time for that, but one would be happier to see this lovely wry-grin-inducing non-militant theme develop into a yet-unknown kind of  fever pitch – and it sure would be unknown because a soft, emotional campaign rising to a ‘fever pitch’ that could leave even wider smiles on the audience’s face? For an India-Pak contest limited overs match? That’d be something. But there’s a lot of scope yet, because creatively, the graph will likely go from merriment and smiles to pride to passion to euphoria, and all driven by the love for cricket across the subcontinent.

3 priorities of the Knock Knock campaign TG:

Also worth noting: the Knock Knock film sweetly builds on the three most important things that matter to young aspirational adults across India: having a bike or gaadi, cool clothes, and a good job with raises and promotions et al.  So, creative and strategic. As every film should definitely be.

And now about the cricket fare.

Unimoni Asia Cup 2018 on Star Sports

The 50-over-format tournament, to be held in Dubai from 15 to 28 September, will see India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and the winner of Asia Cup 2018 qualifier battle it out to become the champions of Asia. And especially after the unfortunate recent drubbing  the India Test team has received at the hands of England – one hopes brilliant batsman but apparently impatient captain Kohli’s abrupt chopping and changing of the team will cease and our heroes will regroup to bounce right back into the faces of the English team. But – to continue the digression — for now, one feels sad for Sony’s sports network – with just three-day kind matches full of tepid capitulations, most fans would presume the Indian team is doomed for total surrender. So one doubts if the SPE’s Sports network is receiving any decent rates for ad campaigns during the Test matches.

image-featured-Star-Sports-Uimoni-Asia-Cup-2018-Knock-Knock-Campaign-MediaBriefSo, definitely, Indian fans’ and advertisers’ emotions and confidence will bounce back when the Unimoni Asia Cup 2018 on Star Sports brings back the sunshine. After all, 50-over matches, with rivals like India and Pakistan, along with Bangladesh and that feisty young team, Afghanistan, in the fray? Bring it on!

And the tournament will open an exciting and action-packed chapter in cricket contests in particular, and a lovely cricketing calendar too, on Start Sports.

Can’t wait.

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