Star India launches Disney Kids Pack at Rs 10, with a smart campaign Campaign launched on Disney India social media platforms



Star India has launched a new campaign to announce its Disney Kids Pack comprising four popular channels —  Disney Channel, Hungama, Marvel HQ and Disney Junior, which will be sold at Rs 10 for all 4 in SD format, and also a la carte.

These channels will be distributed by Star India, and the pack has been announced on the back of a compelling campaign that highlights a strong insight on the kind of effect the television viewing habits of families in India can have on kids, if they have to watch the kind of television their elders watch.

The 35-second campaign makes a strong case for kids to watch content that is tailor-made for them. The clincher to the excellent narrative enacted in heart-stealing fashion by a little 6-year-old girl, is the sign-off line: Disney se bachpan ka magic banaaye rakhiye!

The film starts off with a mother questioning her 6-year old daughter about her missing science book,  and the girl’s reaction has her mother agape, while her little brother giggles with amusement. Why? Because the girl instantly replies in a hilarious role-play of the characters she usually watches on television. Watch it here:

The little girl’s reaction in the style and language of a stereotypical  antagonist from a soap opera indicates her television consumption is restricted to series for grown-ups. And at that point, having intrigued the viewer, the smartly conceptualized campaign – the handiwork of the in-house creative team — quickly shifts gears to quickly inform, educate, and sell.

The film gives a sneak peek into the lives of millions of families in modern day India; where kids are consuming adult-targeted content. Most parents are unaware of the implications of this, and kids, passively tagging along with their parents while watching television,  make do with the content that their parents choose for them.

While the film delivers a telling message on the repercussions of having kids watch grown-ups’ content, it does so in a very light-hearted and fun, entertaining manner, and the smiles remain long after the video has played out. It also reflects on the importance of retaining their kids’childhood and innocence by having them watch age-appropriate content that is specially curated for them by the Disney Kids Network.

The Kids Network brings together a wide array of global and homegrown storytelling in a manner that is relevant to kids. Reaching out to an age-group of 2-14, the four channels cater to age-specific entertainment needs of kids across various languages.

“With the success of the Star Value pack, we are delighted to offer a special Disney kids pack for our younger audiences. The kids’ network has consistently been offering stories and characters that the kids love and parents trust. With the growing need to address their entertainment requirements in an environment that is considered safe, we hope our audiences continue to choose us as their preferred partner and with this pack, bring the magic of Disney into the lives of their kids,” said a spokesperson from Star India.

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