Used-car platform Spinny sold 300 cars in 2 weeks ‘with extra care’

image-Spinny sells 300 cused cars during lockdown - MediaBriefFact: Young COVID-hit India  is gearing up against the odds to fuel the economy, and during these uncertain times, owning a car is now generally considered the safest way of personal mobility. And the liquidity crunch is shifting the demand towards pre-owned cars.

In the given climate, under Lockdown 4.0, Spinny, the  complete online-to-offline retail platform for buying and selling used cars, has sold more than 300 cars. And to ensure safety of its customers and employees, Spinny has implemented contactless delivery system and has processed a considerable number of orders during this period #WithExtraCare.

Every modern-day solution that it provides at each touch-point keeps ‘Customer Convenience’ at the center of every experience.

Introducing Home Test Drive #WithExtraCare, Spinny is following the necessary precautions, as per WHO guidelines, with customer comfort and safety as the top priority.

For zero-contact home delivery of the car they select through the website or the app, buyershave to go through 3 simple steps. For customer- and employee safety, Spinny has implemented home test drives and home deliveries and processed a considerable number of orders.

Spinny present in 5 cities with 10 car hubs

Over the years, Spinny has earned the trust of 10000+ customers and at present operates in 5 cities – Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune, with 10 car hubs.

image-Niraj Singh - Co-Founder & CEO - Spinny - MediaBriefThe automotive consumer behavior is increasingly being altered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As health and hygiene have become the most important combination, Niraj Singh, CEO & Co-Founder of Spinny,  who is leading a new way, said, “This time has required us to raise our standards to an even higher level with strict protocols at every touch point.

“With complete ownership of the customer experience from inventory of cars, online ordering, home test drives and home deliveries, it’s our responsibility to set industry standards in zero contact processes with extra care.

“The customer recognizes this and we’re witnessing a sharp increase in inquiries of Home Test Drives. We are expecting to be back to the pre-Covid numbers by June,” Singh said.

And Spinny should be able to get back there. It has been redefining the Auto retail of Used Cars with its seamless “Phy-gital Purchase” process, and over the years, has earned the trust of more than 10,000 customers with a 4x growth in the just the last nine  months. With the assurance of a No Haggling Fixed Price Offering, 1-year Warranty and 5-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee, the company has been able to gain trust and make the customer’s buying experience a truly premium one.

To facilitate users to make their purchase online, Spinny ensures the process remains transparent. The entire history of an individual car is available online with HD images that cover each and every angle of the vehicle.

Customers get a real-time virtual tour with a Spinny executive to see the car.  All Spinny cars that are available on the website are eligible for a test drive at the customer’s home.

Spinny not only ensures employees are screened for body temperature each day, it has also trained them under WHO Guidelines, to ensure social distancing while attending to customers.

Spinny car hubs, across the five cities it is present in, are functioning as deep sanitisation zones where each car is sanitised before and after every test drive with special focus on areas that are touched frequently. In addition to this, Spinny customers receive a complimentary safety kit consisting of masks, gloves and sanitizers. Once satisfied, the customer can buy the car on the spot of the home test drive or call for a home delivery.

As Niraj Singh said, The steps we’re taking on cleanliness and new service norms are as much about the health and safety of our employees as they are about our customers. From the beginning, was developed with complete transparent details online about each car with the confidence of 5-day money-back guarantee. With our full stack retail platform model, we are more prepared to cater to the needs of this new normal. Our customers would now appreciate this stepped-up way to buy a car.’’

As we adjust to living with coronavirus, lifestyle preferences, buying behavior and even the way we travel, are bound to change. Health and safety will be the top priority and people will prefer using their vehicles. And Spinny will be there to provide the best of value, safety, and customer satisfaction across the entire spectre of used-car evaluation, buying and ownership. It has the record to back this up: although Spinny is still in the early stages, it has been appreciated by its customers with an above 4.5 out of 5 ratings from Spinny car owners – and a 78% NPS and 35% referral purchases.

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