Sony’s #NazariyaBadaliye a standout Women’s Day film

image #NazariyaBadaliye - a good womens day campaign from Sony - MediaBriefWomen’s Day is always awash with ad campaigns brands clamber aboard the special-sentiment bandwagon with. And this Women’s Day was no exception. However, one ad that stood out was from Sony Entertainment Television, supporting and celebrating the strength of women. It stands out for a simple, clean, classy narration of a major roadblock women face in their professional lives. And urges us to change our perspective: #NazariyaBadaliye.

The film, a SET Marketing team initiative coceived, directed and produced by The Black Pepper FilmsUrvashi Seth and Vipin Choudhary, is also an honest narrative because it gives video and sound illustrations to the biases inherent in any presumptuous employer – the infant bawling during a formal interview, the old mother coughing, the visual of a bunch of veggies being cut in the kitchen… these are the kind of images that put off employers who presume domestic responsibilities of potential women employees will outweigh their qualifications, interest and passion for their jobs.

So, using – and promoting – two actors of its series Patiala Babes, Sony Entertainment Television’s ad film asks why, particularly for women being evaluated for a job, their qualifications and skill sets aren’t the only criteria, as they should be. The message is: it is important for us to change our perspective towards women and not judge them by the responsibilities they might have. After all, responsibilities strengthen character and resolve.

image-Aman-Srivastava-#NazariyaBadaliye---a-good-womens-day-campaign-from-Sony---MediaBriefAman Srivastava, Head – Marketing, Sony Entertainment Television,  says, “We at Sony celebrate women every day. With this initiative, #NazariyaBadaliye, we urge viewers to evaluate women employees solely on the basis of merit and not look at their responsibilities as their weakness. Because what the world sees as their weakness, we see as their strength.”

SET show Patiala Babes protagonists Babita and Mini drive the narrative, facing society and the challenges at hand with their heads held high. Why is society reluctant to hire a middle-aged single mother Babita, who has no work experience despite having the right qualifications? Why does she have to face resistance from her male co-workers when she has skill sets like they do? Why does a teenager like Mini, who has been brought up single-handedly by her mother, need her father’s name to get into a good college? Going forward, the show will raise similar issues.

Other film credits for #NazariyaBadaliye: DOP- Bhushan Wani; Executive Producer – Firoz Khan; Art – Sharpeye

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