Sony PIX introduces new programming property – Amazement @9: New Year Resolution


Sony PIX enthralled fans through 2020 with the biggest Hollywood premieres, new programming IPs and innovations so much so that it was audience’s favorite English movie channel.

Now entering 2021 with a renewed zest to entertain, Sony PIX is helping viewers keep up the trend of new year, new resolutions by introducing a new programming property – Amazement @9: New Year Resolution. As part of the property, Sony PIX will pick a different theme each week and show the relevant, best of Hollywood movies under each theme.

‘Amazement @9: New Year Resolution’ movie property goes live on 11th January and will air movies from Monday to Friday at 9PM. The theme will vary each week starting with ‘Have No Fear All Year’ under which there’ll be movies like I am Legend and Rampage, ‘Fit Enough To Kickass’ under which there’ll be Cold Pursuit and 300 among other movies, ‘Always Say Yes To Adventure’ which will have movies like How to Train Your Dragon and Fantastic Beasts and lastly, ‘Be AHero’ under which there’ll be Wonder Woman and Justice League among other movies.

Additionally, there is the Indian Television Premiere of ‘King of Thieves’ on 10th January at 9PM. The movie has a stellar cast consisting of stalwarts like Michael Caine and Michael Gambon among others. There are also two popular movies airing first time on Sony PIX – ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’on 24th January at 1PM and 9PM and ‘The Intern’on 31st January at 9PM. And to add to this, there’s a special programming line-up on Republic Day to keep the thrill and amazement alive through the day – there’s Fast & Furious PIXathon on 26th January, 9AM onwards.

And finally, continuing the legacy of introducing and showing multi-language films on a Hollywood movie channel, Sony PIX will have a special multi-language line-up on the occasion of‘Pongal’and ‘Makar Sankranti’ on 14th January, 10AM onwards. This special festival will consist of blockbuster movies like The Dark Knight, Fantastic Beasts and Where ToFind Them, How to Train Your Dragon, The Mummy Returns and more.

image-Tushar-Shah-Business-Head-English-Cluster-Sony-Pictures-Networks-India-mediabrief.jpgTushar Shah, Business Head, English Cluster, Sony Pictures Networks India, said, “We are excited to start the new year with the same, newresolutions as our fans, which includes not to fear, which is with new resolutions which includeto not fear, to be adventurous, to be fit and to be a hero when needed the most.”

“We ended last year on a good note, with the love of our fans and we hope the same from this year too – to keep the entertainment and amazement quotient high with the best of Hollywood movies,” Shah said. 

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