Sony Music Kids content crosses 2 million audio streams in April 2020

Audio streams of Sony Music Kids content have surged to 2 million-plus in April 2020 .The streams had grown  — more than double those of the 9.8 lakh-plus streams in March 20

Some highlights:

  • Kids content hits a record-breaking 2Mn+ streams in April 2020.
  • March’20 and April’20 combined contribute to 45% of the lifetime streams for Kids content.
  • Nani Ki Kahaniya and Munna Chachu- Chaturayi ki Kahaniya are the Top Performers.
  • JioSaavn is the key partner contributing almost 90% of the overall streams.
  • #StayHomeAndLearn campaign playlists ‘Best Granny Stories’ and ‘Tales of Wit’ featured in JioSaavn’s Top 5 playlists.

(Note: A Sony Music press release had headlined its message as ‘a record-breaking 2Mn+ audio streams in April 2020′, but the company did not circle back with answers to any data or research to back the claim, or if it was a record for the internal numbers of Sony Music India’s internal Kids Audio)

Sony Music Kids content crosses 2 million audio streams in April 2020

Sony Music Kids content engages its TGs through important early learning essentials, presented as captivating Audio stories and rhymes,packed with morals and values presented as interesting and engaging narrative.

From Best Granny Tales to Stories of Wit, Rhymes presented as funky Rap and Travel Stories that spark the children’s imagination, #StayHomeAndLearn with Sony Music Kids’ collection of premium original Hindi content is designed to make a child’s stay at home even more educational and entertaining, in these #StayHome #StaySafe times.

With the #StayHomeAndLearn campaign kicking in, the ongoing new releases (Stories With Alia), and continued support from the Digital team andSony Music’s streaming partners, the company is bullish on seeing even betterresults over the next few months.

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