Sony Electronics tops Working Mother Media’s ‘Best Companies for Dads’ list


Working Mother revealed its third annual list of the “Best Companies for Dads,” celebrating organizations that lead in the areas of paternity leave, childcare, flexible schedules and more. Sony Electronics Inc. was one of the 85 companies recognized on this year’s list.

Subha V. Barry

Subha V. Barry, president of Working Mother Media, said, “Millennial dads continue to be outspoken about wanting to be involved parents and needing the support of their companies in order to do so.

“These trendsetting organizations strive to create an inclusive environment for all working parents, and we applaud their efforts in helping to erase the stigma attached to men taking full parental leave and utilizing flexible schedules to be more involved on the home front.

“By doing so, it helps moms succeed both at home and at work, and puts them on more equal footing in the process,” Barry added.

Mike Fasulo

Mike Fasulo, president and COO of Sony Electronics, said, “Sony is thrilled to again be named to this list of ‘Best Companies for Dads. We know that all employees need our support to do their jobs to best of their abilities, while managing a healthy work-life balance.

“Programs such as paternity leave, childcare, flexible schedules and others let our working parents know that Sony is ‘in their corner,’ offering impactful options that allow them to successfully manage work and their day-to-day lives,” Fasulo said.

The top 10 companies for 2020 (in alphabetical order) are: AbbVie, Bank of America, Deloitte, Ernst & Young LLP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey & Co., RSM US, and Unilever

Key Facts About the 2020 Best Companies for Dads List:

  • Sixty-four percent offer gender-neutral parental leave, and 36 percent offer paternity leave. The minimum number of paid gender-neutral parental leave is 10 weeks versus 14 weeks for the top 10 companies. One hundred percent offer either paid gender-neutral or fully paid paternity leave versus 29 percent nationally*.
  • The average weeks taken by dads with gender-neutral leave are eight versus 10 weeks for the top 10 companies. The average weeks taken by dads with fully-paid paternity leave are seven versus 13 weeks for the top 10 companies.
  • Eighty percent actively encourage parents to take the full amount of leave (versus 90 percent of the top 10 companies).
  • Fifty-nine percent provide transition planning for parental leaves and training to managers and co-workers about parents on leave (versus 100 percent of top 10 companies).
  • Ninety-one percent provide backup childcare when regular care isn’t available (versus 100 percent of top 10 companies)
  • Ninety-four percent offer support for children on the autism spectrum (versus 100 percent of top 10 companies).
  • *According to the Society for Human Resource Management

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