‘So Sorry Gully Cricket’ app launched by Sunil Gavaskar


A cricket app of India Today called So Sorry Gully Cricket was launched in the presence of legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar on Day 3 of FICCI FRAMES 2019 in a session moderated by Vikrant Gupta. Apart from Sunil Gavaskar, present were Sam Balsara, Shashi Sinha and Jaideep Trivedi.

Sunil Gavaskar spoke about the memories associated with Gully Cricket, “There used to be very narrow space between the two buildings and if you hit over the top of the 1st floor, you were out. We learnt only to play straight. You sort of leant to adjust your bat speed and you learnt to either play forward or back. The best part or the worst part according to the way you saw it was that the umpires were all from the building so if they liked you, they would say not out, and if  they didn’t like you, you were given out.”

Sam Balsara said, “There is nothing bigger in the country right now than cricket and politics. You are giving both these things to Indians in the form of a game, you should hit the jackpot with this.”

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