#ShowerKisachchai campaign for water conservation, from Mahindra Lifespaces

image-#ShowerKisachchai campaign Mahindra Lifespaces MediabriefMahindra Lifespace Developers Limited (‘MLDL’), the real estate and infrastructure development arm of the Mahindra Group, has launched a social media campaign to create awareness and drive conversations as well as behavioral change in support of water conversation in India.

Mahindra Lifespaces’ #ShowerKiSachchai campaign highlights the potential water wastage caused due to indiscriminate time spent under showers while offering alternatives and tips to save water. #ShowerKiSachchai continues to build on Mahindra Lifespaces’ ‘#IamGreenArmy’ initiative, which encourages environment-friendly living habits and choices in our everyday lives.

A pre-campaign analysis of human behavior and touchpoints for water consumption revealed that switching to buckets instead of showers can result in water savings of approximately 6,600 liters per month on average, for a family of four! This insight inspired the #ShowerKiSachchai campaign, which leverages a quirky, news-broadcast style digital video; an educational microsite with information and tips on how to save water in a personal capacity; and a pledge campaign on social media.

India’s leading water conservationists – Ayyappa Masagi, ‘Water Warrior of India’; Rajendra Singh, ‘Waterman of India’ and winner of Magsaysay and Stockholm Water Prize; and Subhajit Mukherjee, Founder of ‘Mission Green Mumbai’ and part of the Jal Shakti Abhiyaan initiative – have lent their voices of support to #ShowerKiSachchai.  The campaign also highlights the visionary achievements of these water conservationists. This campaign is not against the use of showers but about creating awareness about wastage it can cause if used indiscriminately. 

Sunil Sharma,Chief Customer Officer, Mahindra LifespacesSunil Sharma, Chief Customer Officer, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd., said, “Sustainability is at the heart of all that we do at Mahindra Lifespaces. The 3 R’s of ‘Reduce, Recycle and Reuse’ help us plan and deliver on our sustainability agenda.  We recognize the need to save water as one of the planet’s most precious natural resources.

Water conservation measures and principles are integrated into every aspect of our operations – including features and specifications in the townships and homes we build. #ShowerKiSachchai will sensitize communities to the need to save water, by leveraging the power of social and or digital media, and the potential for digital crowdsourcing of ideas.”

Ahmed Aftab Naqvi, CEO & Co-Founder, GozoopAhmed Aftab Naqvi, CEO & Co-Founder of GOZOOP, adds “As an unprecedented water crisis has gripped our nation we as citizens and marketers were keen to do something about it. But to create a sustainable impact we knew our idea had to be a people-driven initiative, something which will initiate a change in mindset and behaviour.

#ShowerKiSachchai does exactly that, as it connects with citizens across strata and platforms on multiple levels with a shock-awe-emotive appeal that leads to a precise call to action – an action which may look small but when done collectively by billions will make a huge difference. We feel proud to be partners with Mahindra Lifespaces who gave us the creative freedom to do such meaningful integrated work that creates an impact.”

The campaign initiated a couple of weeks back has already garnered 19, 54,276 views on a campaign video. The overall website visits generated were more than 49,817, while the numbers of pledges taken by users are about 8000.

Microsite: https://showerkisachchai.com/ 


Advertising Agency: Gozoop
Creative concept: Amyn Ghadiali, Janhavi Iyer, Hariharan Iyer
Strategy: Amyn Ghadiali, Hariharan Iyer, Janhavi Iyer, Prardhana Chillarige
Account Management: Pranali Pawar, Nabil Kureshi
Scriptwriting (Hindi): Ritik Kumar Singh
Subtitles: Prateek Singh
Art: Sylvester Susainathan, Hitendra Walve 

Production and Video Editing: Shreyas Palekar, Harshal Ichale, Mudassar Bondre, Avnish Yadav

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