Unique Father’s Day campaign from SBI Life: What’s your Papa Formula? Emotions driven by celebrity, technology and creativity

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Father’s Day is one emotionally-driven  ‘brandwagon’ that most brands clamber aboard with alacrity to try and get a small piece of the social media sun for themselves. An online portal will put up interesting father’s day gift suggestions, and the transactions that stems from an emotional impulse to buy dad / papa / abba a really thoughtful gift is, well, nice, and tactical. And ephemeral. It goes soon after the sun sets on Father’s Day.  But after a long time, here’s one new campaign that’s really well thought out, meaningful, emotionally driven, and celebrates Father’s Day in a very unique way.

We caught a memorable new Father’s Day campaign from SBI Life Insurance which, without going over the top on the emotions, is heartwarming for both – the papas and their children.

image-Unique-SBI Life-Fathers Day-campaign-PapaHainNa-mediabrief-3For this mix of emotions driven by celebrity, technology and creativity, the trusted private life insurer SBI Life Insurance has teamed up with popular playback singer Shaan and also set up an interactive micro-site that together, will celebrate fatherhood.

The interaction-led campaign, #PapaHainNa – MeraPapaFormula, in the lead-up to Father’s Day, will give fathers the opportunity to find out their ‘PapaFormula’ by selecting the personality traits that define them as a father.

image-Unique-SBI Life-Fathers Day-campaign-PapaHainNa-mediabrief-3Subsequently, the interactive micro-site would create a personalized formula, which would be available for download in a musical video format, thereby providing an opportunity for fathers to share it with family, friends and their children on social media.  It’s a graphics-driven video that becomes available for download too, in MP4 video format.

The campaign was successfully rolled out on SBI Life’s digital platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, along with on-ground activation efforts further augmenting campaign outreach.

SBI Life’s #PapaHainNa

The digital property SBI Life’s #PapaHainNa was launched in 2015 has been cherished by fathers across the country year after year. Over the years, SBI Life has recognized and acknowledged the responsibility taken up by fathers in providing for and protecting their children through its digital property #PapaHainNa.

While in 2015, the campaign rollout included an emotional ballad paying tribute aimed at celebrating the Father-Child relationship, in the subsequent years campaigns such as ‘NayeZamaneke Papa’ (2017) and ‘HifazatkePitare’ (2018) went onto bolster the core messaging further – while ‘NayeZamaneke Papa’ featured new age fathers who are passionately involved in their children’s upbringing, ‘HifazatkePitare’ specifically focused on the protection element played by fathers in the lives of their children.

This father’s day the opening rollout of #PapaHainNa features popular playback singer Shaan in a musical video encouraging fathers to share their unique personality traits thereby decoding their special Papa formula.

image-Ravindra-Sharma-Chief-Of-Brand-And-Comunications-SBI-Life-Mediabrief“Fathers,” says Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand and Corporate Communication, SBI Life, “have a peculiar way of expressing their love, over the years #PapaHainNa has tapped into various cultural nuances to celebrate the spirit of father’s love. ‘Mera Papa Formula’ as a concept leverages technology to take fathers on a journey for self-discovering their ‘Papa Formula’ and sharing it with loved ones through music.

“We encourage fathers from across the world to share their ‘Papa Formula’ with near and dear ones and hope this helps all of us to better understand fathers and truly appreciate their place in our lives,” Sharma said.

image-singer-Shaan-in-SBI Life-Fathers Day-campaign-mediabriefPlayback singer Shaan said,Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day has recently started gaining momentum in terms of its popularity. I’m extremely thrilled to be a part of the #PapaHainNa campaign by SBI Life which focuses on new-age dads while addressing every father’s unique style of parenting. Fatherhood is an amalgamation of learning and personal experiences throughout the course of one’s life. With that being said, every father has his own unique formula which is what makes us dads special in our own ways.

Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WATConsult said, “With an aim to celebrate Father’s Day, we launched ‘Mera Papa Formula’, an amalgamation of music and interactive tech, showcasing how every father has a unique Papa-Formula for their children. We have created a micro-site allowing fathers to find out a formula that define their traits as a father, thus enabling their extended families, friends or children to rejoice the precious and vital role played by fathers in nurturing the family.”

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