A boost for non-film-music marketing: Pop-Rock sensation SANAM tie up with VYRL Originals


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that pop-rock band SANAM has created the single largest and most significant bridge between the evergreen classics of Hindi film music and the younger generation in India, including the younger GenZs, many — if not most — of whom might not have watched any of the films which had the songs SANAM have re-imagined and re-popularized amongst the younger audiences in India. (Remember SANAM’s version of the incomparable Lag Ja Gale? Scroll to the bottom to watch)

The self same SANAM have collaborated with VYRL Originals for their latest original non-film single. SANAM is known for its classic covers and originals, and has created good music, showing their versatility, time and again. Their latest was the World Cup Anthem with international artists from all around the World.

SANAM has been ranked as a top band on the digital space with more that 6 million subscribers on YouTube already. Their association will surely provide a fillip to non-film music’s promotion through this tieup. To say nothing of the massive dose of publicity VYRL Originals will receive. Good for everyone in the music industry, and especially the super small, limited, constricted but still very creative world of private original music creators who never receive even a second look from the FM networks that give airplay only to film music, thereby depriving at least the niche audiences of good entertainment.

On their part, SANAM have always believed in being independent artists, and their signing up with VYRL Originals makes for important news in the music business. VYRL Originals has been working on developing the culture and category of non-film music in India, and the collaboration with SANAM should help non-film music.

Non-film music has been making its way into top music charts across the country and is becoming very popular  amongst the youth who look for new and meaningful original music today.

Ben Thomas, Business Manager of SANAM band, Founder & MD, Kurian & Co Talent Management, says, “This association will ramp up the game for SANAM & VYRL to reach out to newer audience and markets. I can see a lot of synergy in this association given the enthusiasm of the VYRL team and concordance in our approach on independent music and the need to revive it.”

Commenting on the association of the band, SANAM state, “Our association with VYRL began more than a year ago, when our manager Ben Thomas met with Vinit. The comfort of working independently has always been our strength. Because we like to enjoy the process of making music together, and every song to us is a story that goes beyond just how many views you can get on YouTube. However, with VYRL, we have finally found a comfortable team who believe in the same things we believe in. We are excited to explore this association further!”

Vinit Thakkar, Senior Vice President, Universal Music Group India & South Asia, says, “SANAM is undoubtedly one of the finest bands in the country and I have personally been a big fan of them. They are extremely talented singer-song-writers and I have great respect for their craft. We at VYRL Originals are privileged to work with SANAM and are in an incredible position to feature their originals to new heights in the non-film music space.”

So, good news for the non-film music creators in India, this tieup between SANAM and VYRL Originals.

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