R J Malishka shines in brilliant #KabTak campaign video from 93.5 RED FM

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You’ve read the title of this post; now, just watch this remarkable video from 93.5 RED FM for its campaign ‘#KABTAK’ on the Morning # 1 show with RJ Malishka to talk about abuse and educate listeners on different laws. In the wake of recent events, particularly the gruesome gang rape and murder of a young veterinarian in Telangana, and the  wave of fury, angst and disappointment that has engulfed the country, this is an excellent initiative. With the changing times the concept of equality and feminism has emerged; however, it is hardly spoken about, let alone exercised.

This deserves to go under THE GOOD STUFF on MediaBrief.com, but since it’s more about Radio doing great stuff, the primary category for this post is RADIO. This is a truly beautifully shot, and so instinctively, naturally, and effervescently performed a message from the inimitable Malishka!

Watch it first, and then watch it again to savour, first, the numerous quick cuts in different framings the video has been shot and edited in, and second – the great performance control Malishka has over her delivery… The pitch of the dialogue never wavers, so one assumes it was one continuous audio take used, and even if that is the case, check out the great continuity of her  graph of expressions — surely those were shot in different framings, so Malishka was perhaps in a mentally taut mode, holding the emotional pitch as she delivered this beautifully thought, written, shot, edited and of course, performed creative. What a marvellous artist across both radio and video Malishka is! If there’s one phrase that describes Malishka’s entire approach to all that she does, it has to be ‘led by the heart’, considering how she throws herself into any part or performance.

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I remember first listening to Malishka on Gautam Radia’s Win (94.6, was it, the frequency?) years ago during a morning drive to work, and the sheer natural ability, her breathtakingly fast and crystal clear enunciation and even more remarkably, natural speech on air, her ease with words, and her ability to remain in the natural, middle-emotional pitch and not slipping into hyper ventilation while speaking faster than any radio presenter I’ve ever  known, was remarkable.

That young girl has come a long way, and this creative (I guess its from that wonderful Radio creative professional Rishi Kishnani and his team, but I could be wrong, because, alas, no credits received from RED FM) is a beautiful, significant piece of work. It also demonstrates RED FM’s complete commitment to doing this Dil Se — they could have done it in one or two takes, edited the whole thing in perhaps an hour (after all, Malishka is a one-take artist), but they chose to invest, considering the creative flow and style of the finished piece. Remarkable emotional investment in a great cause.

So, we don’t normally request you to share videos and what have you, but this one from RJ Malishka deserves to be shared, spoken about, and re-shared. Malishka, under the RED FM umbrella, has started the initiative #KABTAK as it is time that we start speaking about this openly and ask relevant questions to society about the growing violence against women in the country. RED FM has also invited a panel of experts belonging to different fields, such as lawyers, psychiatrists and lawmakers among others to encourage conversations suggest measures to control occurrences of such crimes, come up with ideas and stricter laws.

And incidentally, RED FM also aims to create a space for masses where they can raise their voice and give every individual the power to stand up and fight their battles. More on that when we can corner the super-busy Nisha Narayanan for an exclusive podcast with us. Wait for it.

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