Reverse Parenting – TOI’s campaign on Father’s Day

 TOI - #ReverseParentingThe Covid19 pandemic has resulted in tectonic changes in the way we live especially the way we socialize. Every demographic segment is adjusting to this new way of living with social-distancing, but the senior citizens have been bearing the brunt of it much more than others.

The Times of India draws attention to the need for empowering our senior citizens to live happy and safe in this new-normal.  Elderly people are at a higher risk of Covid19 infection due to their decreased immunity and multiple associated co-morbidities; thus, resulting in reduced mobility outside their home premises.

Adding to these restrictions, majority of our older generation are not very fluent in manoeuvring through the digital devices and services. On the other hand, the youngsters are naturally driven to master the digitally enabled world.

Contextualizing to the ‘Happy Father’s Day’, TOI calls for a role reversal and shows how the younger generation could be parenting the older generation by teaching them the baby steps to ease into the new-normal.

Reinterpreting the child and parent equation through the idea of #ReverseParenting, the campaign touches upon the changing codes of socialization, connections and celebrations in the era of social distancing.

There is a definitive need to address the healthcare concerns for the elders. It is also extremely critical that the senior citizens continue to stay connected with their family and friends, and have a channel to indulge in their passions and interests. Social distancing should not put a pause on friendship, celebrations and festivities.

Built on this insight and contextualized to Father’s Day, TOI narrates a heartfelt story of a father and son living through the pandemic restrictions. In these testing times, the film serves as a timely reminder to the audience to care for those who’ve made us what we are today.

The film touches upon the confinement struggles of the older generation and ends with the son introducing his father to the new norms of socializing enabled through technology. Amplifying the campaign through print and digital media, TOI is also doing a series of content under ‘Unlocking Diaries’ that chronicles how different sectors are opening up post the lockdown.

Image-Sanjeev-Bhargava-Director-Brand-TOI-MediaBrief.jpgSanjeev Bhargava, Director, Brand, TOI, said, “As the world comes to terms with the new-normal, the older generations will find it increasingly alien and the younger ones will find ways to adapt. In this scenario, it become incumbent upon the younger generations to help their elders acclimatize to the new reality. This Father’s Day, TOI recognizes this shift and helps create awareness for this new dynamic in old parent-child relationship.”

Image-Joy-Chauhan-Senior-Vice-President-Managing-Partner-Wunderman-Thompson-Gurgaon-MediaBrief.jpgJoy Chauhan, Senior Vice President & Managing Partner, Wunderman Thompson, Gurgaon, said, “Curating such a thought-driven and purpose-led campaign for an iconic brand like TOI reaffirms the faith that we have in them towards making a difference to society.

“Our long-standing association with them has seen us contribute our creativity towards the cause in creating a host of impactful and compelling initiatives.

Coupled with a sense of urgency in these testing times, the concept of #ReverseParenting film was one that needed to reach out to the audience at the very earliest. It drives forward the message and reiterates the fact that it is now time for the children to help their father ease into the new normal.

Having made such a telling campaign, we look to make more of the same for them in the near future,” Chauhan said.

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