RED FM’s #CareKarona #21DinStayIn campaign hits the sweet spot

image-Red-FM-CareKarona Campaign-MediaBriefMost brands have been releasing campaigns providing much-needed support to the undoubted need for people to stay locked in and keep themselves safe during the Corona pandemic, but often, the exhorations are, well, a little mismatched with the brand personality. Which is why when a brand with a truly sharply etched personality — of an irreverential, even intolerant mind when it comes to anything that goes against the greater good, but its heart in the right place even when it’s taking transgressors smilingly but effectively to task — gets great creative thinking behind a campaign that does full justice to the brand’s personality and actually builds upon it, you have a memorable campaign.

Case in point: RED FM’s #CareKarona #21DinStayIn campaign, which really hits the sweet spot.

Slight imperfections in the physical execution of the creative visually depict the story of inherently good quality work at home albeit with the creases and small physical imperfections that bring an edearing real-ness to the story. Here’s the creative for RED FM by the brilliant folks at Wunderman Thompson:  

RED FM encourages ‘social distancing’ & ‘stay at home’ amid ‘Coronavirus Pandemic’

Looking  at the creative brought some memories in a flood. This one reminded me of my dear friend Shankar Bhogawekar at The Independent in Mumbai on the fifth floor of the Times of India building decades ago, when, during a complete curfew in the wake of some riots or something, it was left to trainees to actually use set squares and scales, bromides and newspaper glue,  to create pages. With creases, small mis-alignments and dark smudges on the milk-white bromide on which gleamed shiny black Palatino fonts in perhaps the most beautiful layouts… Shankar and the other lone page-making artist in the office that day quickly smoothened out the creases,cleaned out the smudges, and created a finished product.

Kudos to the Wunderman Thompson creative team and the RED FM Marketing team that together made this happen.

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To come back to the campaign at hand, after launching a national awareness campaign ‘Care Karona’, 93.5 RED FM, which has been one of the largest and most awarded private radio networks in India, is now urging people to practice social distancing in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic and stay at home. It’s a lovely creative rendition emphasizing the critical importance of social distancing. 

RED FM’s ‘Care Karona’ initiative was launched to spread authentic information in this crucial period, which involved on-air and digital engagements. RED FM has continued to roll out creative communication and advertisements supporting “Social Distancing’ and ‘Work from Home’. Their latest piece highlights that copywriters and art directors created the ad while working from home. The ad, therefore, encourages everyone to read it to stay at home and follow social distancing.

Whether it is exclusive interviews with medical experts, RJs doing 20 seconds speed links in their shows with an alarm that highlights the importance of hygiene, taking-up WHO’s ‘Safe Hands Challenge’ or giving Work From Home to all their employees, RED FM is doing every bit to ensure mass awareness while maintaining the safety of their staff.

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