To support non-film music artists RED FM launches ‘Ricky Singh ka VYRL countdown’

image-Launch-Of-Ricky Singh Ka Viral Countdown - RED FM - MediaBrief
At the launch of Ricky Singh Ka VYRL Countdown, Vinit Thakkar, RJ Rishi Kapoor and Nisha Narayanan

RED FM  has launched a brand-new show Ricky Singh Ka VYRL Countdown to put the spotlight on non-film artists to support their music. They have also collaborated with Universal Music India which aims to create a space and associate with non-film music on radio.

The show, which  revolves around ‘Ricky Singh’ who has an undying love for non-film music, will be taken-up by RJ Rishi Kapoor. The show was launched by RJ Rishi Kapoor along with the RED FM team in the presence of multiple celebrity singers  in Mumbai.

To bring out the challenges and obstacles confronted by an independent artist, Ricky Singh humorously weaves his story who is a growing independent musician. He will host the show and share his unique past experiences with music directors that will take you on a rib-tickling ride. His taste in independent music and his desi personality will keep the audience entertained till the end.

Nisha Narayanan, COO & Director, RED FM and Magic FM, said, “There is a pool of talent in independent music segment which is yet to be heard. Regional music is being consumed more than ever due to evolving tastes and preferences of the audience.

“At RED FM, we strongly believe in supporting diverse genres whether it is indie or regional music segment through various on-air, digital and on-ground initiatives. We wanted to create content that not only supports non-film music but also celebrates the journey of an artist. Our new show ‘Ricky Singh ka VYRL countdown’ is an entertaining take, which will bring fresh content for our listeners.

“We are happy to collaborate with VYRL Originals (Universal Music India) for this show and we look forward to creating more such initiatives with them,” Narayanan said.

Vinit Thakkar, Senior Vice President, Universal Music Group India & South Asia,  said, “VYRL Originals, an artist-first music label, has been instrumental in creating a culture and category of non-film music in India. With over 40 songs across 30 artists in the last two years, we have opened the eyes and ears of people to non-film music and its potential. We have differentiated ourselves at every level including our integrated marketing and promotions approach with equal emphasis to both digital and traditional platforms.

“Radio is one of the most important and potent mediums for breaking new artists and sampling their content to a wide set of audiences. We are very excited to partner with RED FM who share a similar vision to ours to build a culture and category of non-film music in India,” Khattar said.

Today, radio has become a widely accessed medium in both —  metros and non-metros. It has successfully adapted to the ever-evolving audience base. Moreover, this platform is being used to bring about a change in society and vastly supports various musicians and their music.

 ‘Ricky Singh Ka VYRL countdown’ is RED FM’s latest initiative to bring the untold journey of a non-film music artist to audiences across various cities of India.

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