Locomotive Global will develop local version of ‘Ray Donovan’  for the Indian market

image-ray-donovan-remake-rights-globally-acquired-by-locomotive global inc - mediabriefWith the crime genre becoming a big draw on OTT platforms across India, the thirst for newer plotlines – read unique-character-driven stories based in unique settings – has become increasingly difficult to quench. Well, the critically acclaimed Showtime drama series, Ray Donovan – also one of the most popular and successful crime drama series which had a dream opening with its first season in 2013 – is now set to be grist to the Indian content mill. Thanks to Locomotive Global Inc., an international production company focused on developing, producing, and distributing Indian-themed content for India and the world, which has acquired the first scripted remake rights to the series from CBS Studios International.

Locomotive will develop a new version of Ray Donovan to be set in India and featuring an Indian cast.

The smartly written and highly successful international original, Ray Donovan – the story of the ultimate fixer who can make problems go away for the rich and famous clientele of the powerful law firm he works for – is the latest and extremely promising concept that, if made well, promises to resonate with audiences across India who have been flocking to well-scripted drama shows in ever growing numbers.

As a “fixer” for Hollywood’s elite, Ray Donovan is the go-to guy for celebrities, athletes, and business moguls to make their problems disappear. Though often a messy job, it’s much more lucrative than Ray’s previous work as a ruthless South Boston thug, and it’s given him status to run with the truly wealthy and powerful. ‘Crime cleaner’ that he is, Ray Donovan, in the original, works in a way that makes uncomfortable things– be it though threats, bribes, hush-money, threats and arm-twisting or with other similarly illegal things – go away for the rich. Ray is also a doting and caring family guy, but with the FBI getting closer and closer to try and put him and his associates out of business and freedom. And worse, no amount of money can completely mask Ray’s past — including a troubled family and a father who threatens to destroy everything Ray has been trying to accomplish for himself.

Starring Liev Schrieber, Ray Donovan premiered on Showtime in 2013 and is currently in production on the series’ seventh season. Ray Donovan won the Critics Choice Television Award for Most Exciting New Series in 2013, and Liev Schreiber has multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for his performance in the title role.

How will this extremely successful show be redone for Indian audiences?

image-Sunder Aaron co-founder and Principal of Locomotive Global Inc - rights for Ray Donovan to be remade MediaBrief
Sunder Aaron

Sunder Aaron, co-founder and Principal of Locomotive Global, Inc., and who has not only worked in India with SET India in the early years but is also an experienced and accomplished international television and entertainment executive, says, “India is one of the biggest entertainment markets in the world. There is a voracious appetite for high-quality drama series throughout the region. We think Ray Donovan, with its complex and gritty storylines and strong anti-hero central character, is in sync with the themes and genres that are resonating with Indian viewers right now.

“Our adaptation will bring Ray into the Indian milieu with the protagonist now a “fixer” in Bollywood. We look forward to developing this first-rate series for a whole new fan base,” Aaron says.

Roxanne Pompa, Vice President, International Formats for CBS Studios International, said: “India has become an increasingly important market for scripted drama and we are seeing more and more high-quality content coming from the region. Locomotive’s idea to adapt the story and iconic central character of Ray Donovan in India market is both exciting and timely and we look forward to seeing how Indian viewers will respond.”

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