Rare combination of beauty and brains? Perish the thought, says JOY brand campaign

image-JOY-New-Brand-Campaign-Mouni-Roy-Mediabrief3RSH Global’s brand JOY questions hackneyed stereotypes about beauty and women in a new TVC with Mouni Roy for its brand campaign – Beautiful By Nature

There are some clichés that really need to be erased from common parlance. One, is ‘rare combination of beauty and brains’. Which actually iterates an unfortunately typical, stupid convention that a ‘conventionally beautiful woman lacks intelligence’.

Perish the thought, or so says a new television commercial (TVC) from healthcare brand JOY. It stars Mouni Roy, and inspires women to celebrate their beauty and intelligence, as indeed they must.

The new campaign from RSH Global for its brand JOY reinforces the belief of ‘Beautiful by Nature’ with the tall, elegant Mouni Roy inspiring women to embrace the qualities that make them naturally beautiful. The TVC conveys the message that every woman is endowed with both, intelligence and beauty; it is actually our perspective that needs to be changed.

Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer, RSH Global, makes a valid point when she says, “We do not believe in typecasting beauty; we discuss and debate on the various stereotypes that are attached to a woman’s appearance. The beauty of a woman lies not just in the way she looks but also in the way she exudes confidence, pride and smartness. We believe in our brand philosophy that every woman is born beautiful, and it translates into our products.” Well said, that, and a great thought. We second it.

Poulomi Roy, CMO-RSH Global and actor Mouni Roy

On why they cast Mouni Roy, Poulomi Roy says, and we quote, “Our new brand campaign features a woman like Mouni – who is most certainly categorised as a conventional beauty, and hence, is often subjected to real-life situations where people appreciate only her external beauty and not her intellect. She is a well-read woman, yet, not much has ever been told or spoken about her beyond her looks. We try to choose people who have an interesting story to lend to our brand philosophy ‘Beautiful by Nature’.”

And here’s what Mouni Roy has to say about the JOY campaign. “Since time immemorial,” she says, “several stereotypes have been attached with women’s beauty, one among them being, good-looking women achieve success only by their good looks. In our society it is assumed that a beautiful woman is brainless. For me, intelligence and beauty always go hand in hand. In fact, I believe, being intelligent is beautiful. I am glad that JOY has come out with a campaign basis the same belief and chosen me to be the face for the same.”

RSH Global is headquartered in Kolkata and has a pan-India sales and distribution network. The company is keen to expand to Maharashtra and Eastern parts of India by aggressively ramping up its retail footprint.

Kolkata headquartered RSH Global manufactures consumer hygiene and personal grooming for both for men and women. Some of its brands are JOY, X-MEN and Karis, which offer innovative, quality personal care products at affordable prices. This first-generation Indian company from Kolkata is now present in more than 25 countries including Africa, Middle-East and the SAARC countries. It has a work force of 1500 employees and is present across 10 lakh retail outlets across the world.

And what’s more relevant for personal care brands in Maharashtra and the eastern parts of India is that the 490-crore RSH Global Pvt Ltd is now keenly looking to expand to Maharashtra and the eastern parts of India by aggressively ramping up its retail footprint. It is already present through distribution networks of 1000 in the country.

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