RAM, TAM Adex data proves the W-Curve of Radio, the most significant medium today


The RAM, & TAM Adex data for 4 metros ( Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta and Bengaluru) released on 4th July 2020, has cemented the findings of earlier researches in post-Covid-19 India. It may be noted that research by AZ Research PPL in April 2020 for top 6 metros had indicated that 82 percent of population (22 percent increase) had tuned in to FM Radio post covid -19 with a significant increase in listening time ( 23 percent increase) .

The research also positioned FM Radio as the most credible media amongst Print, TV and Radio. The RAM & TAM Adex data reinforces the above and its findings show that the increase is significant amongst Women.


The following are the significant increase in Female listenership as per post Covid 19 RAM
research release:
 51 percent in Kolkatta ( NCCS B Female 25-34) .
 24 percent in Mumbai (NCCS B Female 20-24).
 21 percent in Bengaluru (NCCS A Female 45 +).
 16 percent in New Delhi (NCCS A Female 45+).

The TAM Adex data also reflects consequent high growth in Women Oriented Advertising.

The significant increases have been :
 Cosmetics : Increase of 537 percent.
 Kitchen Chimney: Increase of 464 percent.
 Washing Materials: Increase of 138 percent.
 Hair Oils : Increase of 103 percent.
 Food Products : Increase of 44 percent.
 Frozen Foods: Increase of 33 percent.

Image-Anurradha Prasad , President of Association of Radio Operators, India-MediaBrief.jpgAnurradha Prasad , President of Association of Radio Operators, India, said, “ I am very pleased to see that FM Radio has now started to show very good results of the high increase in post covid -19 listenership consumption. It is heartening to see that Women are also increasingly tuning to Radio for infotainment needs. The increase in Advertising of Women Oriented Brands is but a prelude to a high growth scenario for FM Radio.”

image-Abraham Thomas_CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited-mediabrief

Abraham Thomas, CEO Big FM, said, “Radio is clearly  seeing signs of recovery as certain categories are beginning to use the medium effectively. The growth in listenership post Covid is driving the growth in radio advertising. It is heartening to see the growth in women targeted advertising following the growth in women listenership. Radio can play a key role in the recovery of business and thus help revive economy. Let’s advertise.”

image-Ashit-Kukian-CEO-Radio City-on-GPTW 2019 win-MediabriefAshit Kukian, CEO- Radio City, said, “The TAM Adex data comes as no surprise to me as we are already witnessing increase in number of women listeners engaging with Radio. Radio is undoubtedly a friend and go-to medium for listeners to grab in positivity during such tough times. This testifies that citizens trust Radio for credible and authentic information to stay abreast with the happenings in the city and country. The upswell in Radio Advertising by Women Oriented Brands due to higher Women listenership during this scenario is indeed a great opportunity for radio to further tap into the women centric content for Advertisers’ interest. We are sure this will certainly open new avenues for the FM radio industry in the country.”

Rahul Namjosi, CEO My FM, said, “We witnessed a similar trend in non-metro markets with Toluna study finding showing an overall spike in ‘At-Home’ listenership and skewness towards being the ‘preferred’ medium for credible news & entertainment. The inference we drew from this was that the additional increase was coming from women listeners. The inference got strengthened once we started closing a higher ratio of women-focused clients since lockdown. The above findings from TAM & RAM reinforce this uptick witnessed across the industry”.

image-Harshad_Jain-Fever FM -MediaBriefHarshad Jain, CEO – Radio and Entertainment, HT Media Ltd and Next Mediaworks Ltd, said “I feel great pride to see that Radio as a medium has stood tall during these unprecedented times and emerged as an important source for providing infotainment to the listeners with significant increase in listenership scores. The uptick in advertising by Women Oriented Brands stemming from the growth in woman listenership is another big win for us. Radio shows by the popular female RJS will open many doors to target this very significant cohort. I am positive that these milestones will go a long way in the radio growth journey in the coming future.”

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