PwC’s Anurag Mathur on profit & growth drivers in Indian retail

anurag mathur
Anurag Mathur, PwC

At the India Retail Forum 2015, Anurag Mathur, Retail & Consumer practice leader, PwC India, shared his views on what drives profits and growth in Indian retailing, which is going through a very exciting period from the point of view of both, a customer and a retailer.

While  the  customer  is  spoilt  for  choice  in  products  and  purchase  channels, retailers  are engaged  in  a  fierce  battle to charm the Indian customer and gain their mind space.

Given  the increasing  pricing  pressure  from  etail, the never decreasing rentals, sluggish market demand and a round of consolidation, India Retailing foresee this churn in the Indian retail industry to continue over the next five years, but with a renewed focus on profitable growth.

Watch the video here:

  • Even after more than a decade of the commencement of organised retail in India,profitability continues to be elusive to most retailers
  • In the face of increasing competition,sustained cost pressures and the constantly evolving customer,the need to create differentiation has never been as important
  • Omni channel capabilities to drive higher revenues has emerged as key
  • Customer loyalty in Indian retail continues to be a myth
  • Profitability is perceived differently by the various retail businesses in operation today. Conglomerates stand alone
  • Retail chains and upcoming online retailers interpret profitability and growth in line with capital availability
  • The battle between the brick and mortar and the pure play online retailers continues with little indication of whether the richest or the fittest will survive.

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