PODCAST | Ma Hansa Jayadeva Yogendra & Hrishi Jayadeva Yogendra on Yoga This episode our 'The Master's Voice' podcast series is on Yoga

image-smt hansa ji jayadeva yogendra on mediabrief podcast The Masters Voice with Pavan R Chawla

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Life can get stressful, can’t it? Well, Yoga se hal hoga. Yoga can help you tackle stress, as indeed, it can with numerous other things. No quick fixes, but in this episode of the MediaBrief.com podcast Series The Master’s Voice, I met not a master, but a grand master – a lady… in fact the First Lady of Yoga, not just in India but the world over: Shraddheya Ma Hansa ji Jayadeva Yogendra, Director of the World’s first and oldest Centre of organized learning for Yoga – The Yoga Institute  – Santacruz, Mumbai.  In December last year, it completed 100 illustrious years. Renowned for taking Classic Yoga — pure, classical, non-gimmicky, and immensely useful Yoga — from the forests to the common households across the length and breadth of India.

image-Hrishi-Jayadave-Yogendra-on-The masters Voice podcast on MediaBriefIn this episode, along with Shraddheya Ma Hansaji, I caught up with her dynamic son, Hrishi Jayadeva Yogendra, also Director of the Yoga Institute Mumbai.

This episode’s a mix of English and Hindi. The discussion is about stress and combating it, and also the excellent programs that the Yoga Institute conducts to help thousands upon thousands of people all over the world.

Do know more about The Yoga Institute. It can help you no end. MediaBrief.com strongly recommends their half-day, lunch-to-evening Samatvam program that’s conducted every Saturday. It is perhaps the most fruitful way any professoinal dealing with professional and personal stress could spend a Saturday. But it’s an extremely popular program, and is always full.

Also visit their library for a wonderful collection of books on numerous aspects of Yoga. It’s a wonderful, hospitable place that has become a part of the lives of millions across the world.

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