Plus size brand ‘All’ grew 100% + during the pandemic


Who would have thought that during a global pandemic, people would find comfort in retail-therapy? aLL, India’s foremost plus size brand, found a way to keep their audience engaged and feeling loved during this time.

The plus size fashion brand changed its communication and decided it was time to connect with its followers by providing them with relatable and comforting content, starting in April 2020 and all the way up till the EOSS, that ended in the first week of September, 2020.

With over 60% of the country’s population swiping, liking and tapping away its time. aLL used this insight to build conversations around fashion, positivity and staying safe on its social media handles. The brand decided to change gears – instead of focusing on product they decided to host a Saturday night F.R.I.E.N.D.S party, and also started Game Nights, playing Bingo and dumb- charades with their followers.  The purpose of this was two-fold: keep the conversations rolling and let the styles do the cheering up!

This social media strategy for aLL’s communication was put together by the brand’s creative agency, Brandmovers India.

Yashtika Vaswani, Sr. Manager Client Relations & Operations at Brandmovers, said, “aLL has always had a set of loyal followers and we realised that this was our chance to interact and engage with them more. Moreover, we thought that we would switch it up. From talking about just our products, we could participate in a larger conversation and actually be a whole lot more relatable.”

Arijita Das, Creative Director at Brandmovers, said, “Everybody was spending so much time on their phones; we wanted to give them something fun to do, something that could distract them from the general distress. Positive messages, answering questions and even playing fun games: the whole idea was to keep the conversation going yet solidify that essence of fashion that everyone loves!”

With a whopping EOSS 100% + growth, the brand saw a sharp spike in their social media as well; with a 30% rise in follower growth and over 9 Lacs worth of engagement.

Suvajyoti Ghosh, Founder & Managing Director, Brandmovers, said, “We have had such a long association with aLL and I have only seen the brand grow leaps & bounds. It was quite interesting to observe how an absolute sale-oriented brand changed its entire conversation and adapted it to be in line with the new normal.”

The brand’s online presence has since then only been growing and it has achieved a massive hit status among plus-size bloggers and influencers alike.

Aarti Samant, – Lead digital at aLL Online Fashion Store, said, “In the times of pandemic and morose atmosphere we decided to flip the story and celebrate guiltfree fashion experience along with Brand Movers India and social media had a huge role to play. It’s a great partnership when the entire team comes together with one central vision and that’s when magic happens.”

Pawan Sarda – CMO Future Group, said, “We’ve successfully created a legacy brand online when it comes to plus size fashion on digital and Pandemic was the moment of truth. This customer is truly special for us and therefore we carefully curate fashion to cater to our customers fashion moments. Brand Movers India had a huge role to play in being our partners in crime.”

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