Paytm, Kokilaben launch ‘Phone par Kaun tha’ campaign against cyber fraud


Paytm has launched its latest video – ‘Phone par Kaun tha?‘. The company has come up with an entertaining & educative video featuring TV actor Rupal Patel‘s viral Kokilaben character to spread awareness on KYC-related frauds. The video, which quickly went viral on social media, informs users on how they should not fall prey to fraud calls or SMS, and protect themselves from phishing scams.

The dialogue ‘Kaun Tha’ became viral after musician Yashraj Mukhate turned a scene from the TV show ‘Saath Nibhaana Saathiya’ featuring Kokilaben ( Rupal’s character ) into a song. Since then, netizens have been flooding the internet with memes, videos and other usages of the dialogue in their daily communication.

In the Paytm video, Rupal receives a call from someone claiming to be a Paytm executive. The imposter informs that her Paytm wallet has expired and she needs to download another app to complete her Paytm KYC. She is immediately suspicious and exclaims “Phone par jalsaaj tha!” (it was a fraudster on the phone). In the end, she urges viewers to be beware of such fake calls and SMS.

Recently, popular content creator Saloni Gaur had also partnered with Paytm to share an educative-yet-entertaining video on KYC frauds where she highlighted the means and modes fraudsters use to con people. The video talked about mobile applications like Quick Support being used as a popular medium to conduct such fraudulent activities.

Abhinav Kumar

Abhinav Kumar, Vice President at Paytm, said, “A brand’s long-term resilience and recall lies in adaptability & staying in tune with current trends. Both social media influencer Saloni Gaur and TV actor Rupal Patel have been trending on social media for quite a while.

“While Saloni has received much adulation for her satire & humorous take on news, Rupal’s popularity has soared after musician Yashraj Mukhate turned a scene from her previous show into a song that was widely liked and shared on social media.

“It made sense for us to capitalize on the ongoing trend. We knew they would be effective in delivering an important public service message, in a manner that is not only understood but also liked and shared by our users.

“As more citizens adopt financial services in the country, it has become important to create awareness around how to stay safe while transacting online. Fraudsters have been relentless in trying to dupe users through phone calls, SMSs, chat apps. As leaders in the industry, we have taken upon ourselves to raise awareness and educate citizens.

“Our latest videos are in addition to the long list of initiatives we have undertaken to protect people from unscrupulous elements. We hope that both videos are not only enjoyed by the viewers but also succeed in informing and educating them along the way,” Kumar said.

The key message Paytm wants to give out to users is that the Paytm KYC process can never be completed by downloading any other application. Customers should never share their personal information such as OTP, Passwords, CVV or PIN with anyone, and not fall prey to any ‘too good to be true’ offers.

The company encourages users to report all such incidents through the app as well as to the nearest crime branch so that appropriate action can be taken.

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