Festive Beauty Kit from Global Beauty Secrets

image-Festive hamper Pampering Beauty Kit by Global Beauty Secrets MediabriefThe festive season is coming right away, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect to nourish your skin and imbibe your skin with new life. Boosting your beauty routine with Global beauty Secrets’ Greek Charcoal Face Mask and Indian Milk and Saffron Toner will make for your perfect beauty regime for the upcoming festive season. The Greek Charcoal Face Mask followed up with the Toner will enrich your skin and provide you with the desired smoothness! 

Pamper your skin with a Greek charcoal face mask which draws away all the dirt and excess oil from your facial pores, leaving it refreshed. It is a potent acne fighter & binds environmental toxins or dirt that causes acne. Known as ‘black magic’, this piece of Greek wisdom, packed inside Meanders pattern is one of the most prized discoveries for youthful skin. So, in this festive season, shine like a diamond with this Greek beauty ritual at your bay. 

A go-to product for all your skin woes, Indian Milk and Saffron toner will lighten your skin, treat acne and blemishes and will make your skin look radiant. This pH-balanced toner contains milk protein which provides hydration, thereby improving elasticity of the skin. Milk will help soothe and hydrate your pores and the saffron extracts will help in depigmentation and brightening of the skin.

An ideal step for hydration, the toner will also give you a great base for applying any moisturizer or skincare product over it. Each rudraksha block print placed on the pack is a sacred vow that binds Global Beauty Secrets to deliver a lustrous skin every time you use this toner. 

“A skin is like a smooth canvas for make-up, therefore it is essential to rejuvenate it before any application of the same. Pampering yourself with a toner and a mask will magically purify your skin, removing impurities and giving you the natural glow. The milk and saffron in the toner effectively hydrate and minimize the pores thus preventing any skin breakouts, whereas the charcoal mask purifies and draws away dust and impurities from the skin, leaving it feeling clearer and more refreshed.” said Aishwarya Sawarna Nir, Founder, Global Beauty Secrets

Global Beauty Secrets Pampering Kit is priced at INR 3200

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