Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi Top Customer Satisfaction in India …but Indian consumers still mention Samsung most in reviews


Chinese smartphones are showing significant strength in consumer satisfaction among Indian Consumers. Based on analysis of more than 20,000 consumer ratings and reviews of 11 high-, mid- and low-tier smartphones in the Indian market, Strategy Analytics’ new Consumer Ratings Index Report, India Smartphones: August 2018, has identified that Oppo’s Realme 1 led consumer satisfaction in India from June to August 2018.


Oppo’s Realme 1 led consumer satisfaction in India, while Indian brand Karbonn was rated least favorably by Indian consumers from June to August 2018

Key Report Findings:

  • Based on consumer satisfaction, the top three smartphones in India from June to August 2018 were from Chinese brands: Oppo Realme 1, Vivo V9 and Xiaomi Redmi 5. Samsung’s Galaxy J8 was rated fourth.
  • Consumer reviews in India mentioned the camera most. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy J8 and Vivo V9 were rated highest for camera satisfaction among those reviews analyzed.
  • The Indian brand Karbonn was rated least favorably by Indian consumers, between June and August 2018.
  • Six out of the eleven top-selling brands in India are Chinese

Adam Thorwart, Lead Analyst and report author, commented, “Despite Samsung not finishing atop the consumer sentiment chart, consumers of other brands are still mentioning it most. In fact, it nearly triples Oppo which is the second most mentioned brand. This indicates that Samsung is still very popular across India.”

Kevin Nolan, VP, UXIP, said, “India remains a key market moving forward, especially for Chinese OEMs blocked out of the US. A push by Chinese OEMs seems to be paying off with six out of the eleven top selling brands in India being Chinese. It will be interesting to see what the near future holds for customer satisfaction in India.”

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  1. That’s something I didn’t imagine. Chinese phones have flooded the Indian market but didn’t know they were good at handling customers too. A rarity. Informative post.

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