Only 5 media companies among 450 certified by GPTW 2019 Survey India


The Great Places To Work 2019 Top 100 list for India is out, as is the list of top 450 companies (including the top 100) certified as great places to work. It’s a comprehensive list of entities across 20 sectors, but alas, the 2019 list of Top 100 companies has only two companies from the Media sector, and only three more in the remaining 350 certified places across all sectors. So a total of 5 Media companies were certified by the GPTW 2019 survey in its total of 450.

Kudos, Radio City, Zee Media Corporation Limited…

But first, credit where it is most certainly due — Music Broadcast Limited, with a strength of 693 people, is #5 in the Top 100 list this year, that’s a phenomenal accomplishment indeed. The Jagran Group-owned arm that operates one of India’s most popular FM Radio networks, Radio City.

Another media company that has held the Media sector flag high in the Top 100 is Zee Media Corporation Limited, which, with a strength of 2952, drove a stake at #57 in the All India list.

…and BARC, Gozoop, ZEEL…

The other three companies from the Media sector in the overall list of 450 certified across sectors by GPTW in 2019, are Broadcast Audience Research Council (better known as BARC India), Gozoop Online Pvt. Ltd., and Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL). Hence, only 5 Media companies certified by GPTW in 2019, in the total list of 450.

Winning the certification is a big deal, of course. Manashi Kumar, Chief of Strategy & People Operations, BARC India, says, “Being certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ for the 2nd consecutive year, and one of the best workplaces in the media industry, gives me a feeling of extreme gratitude and pride. Our young and nimble culture and the positive attitude the team brings to work each day is the sole reason for this. At BARC, ‘culture is truly King’, and this award is testimony to that. My heartfelt appreciation to each and every one from the BARC India team who has made it a great place to work.”

There’s no way of knowing how many media companies did enter the fray, of course, but for only five to have made the cut, one expects the total applicants mustn’t have been too big a number.  Which, if true,  is more than just a little strange, because the Media space is always battling talent issues, looking for new talent. So, given the obvious positive rub-off a GTPW certification would likely have on talent  attraction and retention, one would have expected that many more entities in the Media space would seek and work towards a GTPW  certification, because the process of vying for it would also, by default, ensure that each new aspirant is taking the right steps to become a company that provides a great work culture.

image-Manashi Kumar - Chief of Strategy & People Operations - BARC India -MediaBriefDon’t worry, GPTW is discreet

Other Media-related companies not in the 450 entities certified by GPTW this year must go ahead and apply. The GPTW process is simple, straightforward, transparent, and universal in its fair application to every aspiring company. Moreoever – and this should allay the biggest fear of any company – while GPTW names and recognizes organizations that are great places to work by listing them on its Top 100 and total list of 450 companies certified as GPTW, it does not name and shame those organizations that did not make it to the Top 100 or the 450 certified companies across sectors. So, in other words, GPTW is encouraging every entity to enter and vie for certification without fearing the perceived ignominy of being seen as an also-ran who was beaten to the certification and top 100 by a competitor / competitors.

Media companies must go ahead and apply for the certification and honours list for next year.

The GPTW process

image - Great Place To Work Survey process MedaBrief

GPTW empowers

GPTW empowers the entire Indian enterprise ecosystem by helping its individual entities to consciously work at creating great places to work for their most important asset, their human workforce. Because organisations that create great workplace culture for their employees, perform better. They’re better at attracting and retaining talent, they inculcate and work with a customer-centric mindset and with agility and speed, and are therefore on course for developing a culture of innovation and overall professional excellence that ultimately helps them grow their bottomline.

So organizations that provide a great work environment, an inclusive and mutually respectful place and work culture, avenues and opportunities for individual professional growth across knowledge, work avenues and leadership opportunities, and physical and personal care, comfort and growth for each and every employee, are the kind of place anyone would want to work for.  Moreoever, such organizations exude the same welcoming positivity to every external associate and visitor, and to prospective talent outside.

Significantly, GPTW, we believe,  is set to announce it will provide a similar opportunity to the SMSEs to step forward for GPTW certification – it would help them showcase themselves to the world as serious about their most important asset, their human workforce.

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