OneLoop promises digital audio solutions marketplace to content owners


There’s  a new avenue that is attempting to fulfil the distribution and monetization need gaps of publishers, content creators and advertisers in the digital audio industry: OneLoop from Alchemy Group and N N Sippy Productions. OneLoop is  a new-age, tech-first solutions group that caters to next-gen digital audiences and N N Sippy Productions is the well known producer of 25 Bollywood blockbusters. Together, the two have joined hands to deliver an end-to-end digital audio solutions marketplace to content owners.

With an exponential increase in consumption of audio content online, OneLoop recognizes and meets the need for a one-stop solution for content owners to increase audience reach, publishers to grow revenue channels and brands to achieve higher audience engagement early on.

What OneLoop offers

Solutions across multiple models to suit partner needs, including:

  • Distribution – Content owners can leverage distribution deals with leading global digital stores and streaming platforms without giving up copyright ownership while enjoying complete transparency on payments and analytics.
  • Monetization – Publishers get access to innovative voice enabled and audio ad formats that yield multiple times CPM all supported by transparent real time stats and a completely automated process and quality content catalogue relevant to their library.
  • Brands – Advertisers benefit from higher engagement levels, with a highly targeted audience as well as access to a catalogue of premium quality audio content available for sponsorship.

image-OneLoop-formed-by-Alchemy-Group-and-NN-SIppy-Productions-MediaBrief-1“Our mission is to bridge the gap in distribution and high performance monetization by offering an all-encompassing platform that offers a high quality audio content with a user friendly solution,” says Yash Sippy, Co-Founder & CEO, OneLoop.

Karan Gupta, CEO, Alchemy Group, says, “OneLoop redefines a truly global audience reach for content creators, advertisers and publishers all under one roof. With our proprietary platform, publishers are able to monetize digital audio, which gives creators the global arena to distribute content, and connects advertisers to qualified, engaged audiences.”

Sippy says, “OneLoop enables content owners to be in complete control of where they wish to exhibit their content across desktop and mobile properties of 50 plus digital streaming platform partners like Gaana, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music amongst others. With access to a catalogue of 2000 plus titles and features such as voice enabled ads through easy integration publishers and advertisers are able to define a clear audience engagement strategy using audio, a challenge often faced given the nascency of audio as a medium.”

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